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Your Wardrobe and You

Normally I have an idea of what I’m going to blog about at least a day in advance before I write it but this just literally came to me just now and everything I’m writing now hasn’t really been thought of in advance so may seem a bit inconsistent and flakey. But then again that sounds like most of my posts hence the name “Stream of Consciousness”. Anyway I digress, I just want to discuss clothes and what makes us buy certain things and the perception of style. When we were younger we all know that our mothers use to dress us. And if you had a sibling of the same gender you will look at photos back when you were young and you will be wearing exactly the same thing right down to the socks and possibly the underwear. Has anyone wondered why mothers do this. Why are they trying to generalise us? We’re all independent men and women we shouldn’t be confined by our mothers lack of imaginative style. But to be fair when shopping for new clothes it probably is easy to just pick up 2 of the same thing. But as we grow up and finally reach that stage where we tell our mums to take a back seat our dress sense starts to change and clothes we once regarded as falling under the “swag” category are indeed trash. Throughout your teenage years you probably found yourself going through different phases of dress. It’s actually not until you’re about 17/18 when you finally say “yes this is me” and are set on a particular kind of style. Obviously there are exceptions. So say like you’re out shopping or online shopping (you lazy buggers) what makes you buy that jumper, or dress, or pair of trainers. I think a lot of it comes down to just purely showing off. Back in my day people will use to spend £50 on a polo just because it had a guy and a horse on it. And then this man and horse gradually got bigger and bigger until it was bigger than the polo itself (both figuratively and literally). I don’t know how these trends start, but they catch on pretty quick and everyone wants to be a part of it. Are you wearing that because you want to or because other people are wearing it? Me, personally, I will clock on to these trends but my ultimate decision to buy said piece of clothing is not just because everyone else is wearing it but because I actually like it, which is totally fine in my opinion. You’re not a sheep, why do you want to be like everyone else? We all look different because we are all different. We should be celebrating our differences instead of perpetuating the similarities. That’s more of a brand thing, but I think people’s decision to buy something is because they believe they look good in that particular piece of attire. Now you know what they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, although you may think someone doesn’t look good in something they obviously believe they do, or at least not look bad in it otherwise why would they be wearing it? And clothing plays a big part in how we judge people which relates back to my previous post. Visuals are easy to process and what someone is wearing leads us to make assumptions about them. Spiked up hair, punk, short skirt, slut, hoody, thug, suit, business man. Now although some of these assumptions may be correct it’s not definitive. However I don’t think people are naive to the fact that people will judge them on their appearance. Why do you think you dress a certain way for an interview? More on this point if I was interviewing someone I would encourage them to wear whatever they felt comfortable in. Because dressing smart nowadays is just the norm for interviews and it has just become generic. As an interviewer it’s your role to judge the candidate and if everyone’s wearing a suit you’re not going to learn anything. Whereas if they came in wearing an Arsenal shirt for example, boom you already know that they have little knowledge about football. Speaking more personally, I don’t think my clothes are in line with a certain style. But do know I don’t own a shirt, tie or pair of shoes. I buy what I like and what I feel comfortable in. I have a keen interest in trainers, owning over 20 pairs and I do tend to actually judge people by what trainers they’re wearing. You can actually tell alot about someone about what trainers they’re wearing. Don’t judge me on that though. Like I said this post was a bit inconsistent one minute I’m saying don’t judge then I’m telling you about how I judge. Just remember that people do judge you by what you wear but seriously wear whatever the hell you like. You’re not a kid anymore.

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