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Undercover Geek (Contains 4.0% Alcohol)

Felt the need to write something, so here we are.

Let’s bring it back a bit. My last post was a bit crazy so this ones going to be a bit more… boring. Well not boring, but you know what I mean. Hopefully it does something for you. So as you know the world is plagued with expectations and stereotypes. And I’ve come to learn that I break a lot of peoples expectations of me as I’m sure you do too. If this is the case can we really expect anything from anyone anymore. So being at uni you’re expected to drink and “go out” and do all that fun stuff. So obviously people expect this of me. And it’s not their fault that;’s just the perception people have of university students and is now part of the reason why people want to go to university. Heck I expect the same thing of everyone I meet. Now if I had greasy hair wore clunky shoes and slacks everywhere maybe people wouldn’t be so surprised when I tell them I’m not about that life. Now for those of you that know me I’m a normal looking guy right… well mostly normal. who am I to disrupt the status quo I’m just an “ordinary” 21 year old. But am I? I don’t drink, I don’t even swear. Who the hell am I man? Why have I not grown accustomed to the typical adolescent way of life. I’d much rather stay at home and watch Netflix or play Mario Kart. Does that make me boring? Because apparently it does. Like when you think of someone that stays at home at plays video games a certain image comes up in your mind right and I doubt that’s me. That’s me the undercover Geek. I’m in my fourth year at Uni now and I still haven’t got drunk. Don’t write me off as a bore just because I’m not into the things you are and refraining from living a life I don’t want to live. People don’t party 24/7… well some might. It just means there’s a lot more to me than you know. Let’s be honest people who operate outside those social norms are the most interesting right? Okay, so I’m probably biased. Now I’m not saying that everyone makes these assumptions. A lot of people I’m friends with do like going out and drinking but just accept the fact that I am the way I am. You know how your parents say you should never change for anyone, it’s true and it’s become more apparent to me by being at uni. You do you and I’ll do me, who are we to judge others for the way they want to live their lives? I will happily go out with a group of people who plan on drinking just as long as they respect the fact that I don’t want to. Is all this making sense? I hope so… I won’t lie though there have been times when I wish I did drink purely because of the social aspect. I’ve missed out on a bunch of socials and events due to the fact that I didn’t want to be under pressure to drink and being the only sober person. Also I do quite want to know what it’s like to be drunk and I’d like to see what kind of drunk I am. Who knows that day might come… but I can’t see it happening any time soon. Being part of a time where alcohol is a big part of people’s lives is hard one to live in but just dealing with those struggles I guess makes me a stronger person, as corny as it sounds. People just shouldn’t write off people who abstain from alcohol because these people are the strongest people of all. Drink responsibly…

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