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The End of ByranCito

I think it might be time for a change.

Hi, the last few weeks has come with a lot of thinking and introspection. Sorry I haven't been around. I actually started numerous blog posts but just didn't have the motivation to finish them. But today I come to you with something a bit different.

I am seriously considering abandoning the ByranCito name. And this is for a few reasons which I'll try and lay out for you:

Reason 1 - No one knows how to bloody say it. And although this may work for some brands I don't think this is something I want for my own. It has always bothered e that I never really knew how "Ellesse" was pronounced. Maybe that's just me... and of course there's the whole "Nike" vs "Nike-y" debate. I don't want people's first affinity with the brand to be confusion.

Reason 2 - I don't think the name is very representative of what I do. I did manage to reverse engineer the "CITO" suffix to mean "Create, Inspire, Transform, Originate" and even though this is a tagline I might well keep, I don't think it needs to be represented in the brand name. For similar businesses, companies and brands doing similar things to me they always have "Photography" or "Studios" or "Creative" in their name.

Reason 3 - It's never filled me with much confidence or proudness when people said the name, in fact I was a bit embarrassed. I've always had difficulty coming up with naming things, maybe this is trauma surfacing from the fact I've never liked my own name, but one thing I do like about "Byran" is that it's unique and I think I want to use that and put myself into brand.

Reason 4 - Maybe a small one, but one that bothered me to no end, I was always unsure of how to write it. Is it "ByranCito" or Byrancito"? I always wanted to make the distinction between the "Byran" and "Cito" hence the capitalised "C". But this doesn't make sense if "Cito" is an acronym. So actually should it be "ByranCITO"? I'm not sure I really like that though...

Reason 5 - The name never had any real thought or purpose. It was just a very loose nickname a friend called me one time that I just kind of carried and made into something else. But going forward if I really want to grow and push the brand I think I need to be a bit more intentional.

So what does all this mean...

Having written all this I think I have convinced myself that the name does need to be changed. But I don't think I can do this alone. Any input or suggestions would be very welcome. I do have some pre-requisites though. I think whatever the new name I would like it to include my own name and I think it just needs to be a bit more representative of what I offer. Something creative, a name that shouts that, which also isn't too long. What I was going to do before making this decision was keep "ByranCito" but then have the full business name as "ByranCito Creative". And I quite like the idea of a full name which may end in "Creative" but then something shorter which is able to exist in its own right. I'm not trying to come up with something outside the box here, simple might also be the solution, but whatever I decide on, it just needs to fill me with confidence.

Of course this will mean a whole rebrand which I don't think should be a huge issue. The look and feel of all my content will remain the same, it will literally just be the name that's changed. And I think no matter what name I decide, It won't be incorporated into the logo and instead the logo will just be like this:

Actually, that looks a bit empty now... I might change my mind about this. But it would be great to get all your thoughts, feel free to reach out!

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