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Let Me Update You…

No quips, no jokes, I’m just going to tell you whats going down.

So I am probably the most busy I have been in my whole 21 years on this planet. I was gonna make a video about this but I want to update you guys as soon as possible and this is the quickest way to do that. So firstly, I produced my first live action film which was a mad experience. Its currently in it’s second edit and I can’t wait for people to see it. I worked with a bunch of talented people and truly believe we created something spectacular. You may say I’m bias but I don’t care, it’s great. I’ll prove it some day. Right now I am in the process of producing, writing and directing a web series. Well I haven’t started directing it yet but that will happen. I am so excited about it but also super nervous. I’ve written and produced but never directed so it will be a massive learning curve but hopefully the outcome will be something worthwhile. I seriously feel like I’m working an actual job and I’m actually enjoying it. I’m working with some great people and it just gives me a chance to network and be creative. Please check out the Facebook page and our crowdfunding page to support the project. Next, I am also producing a short film about hookers, drugs, guns and all that good stuff. It’s my first time producing something that I have not written myself which is crazy. Obviously there’s that sense of detachment but because I love the story and believe in the project I am just as excited about it. To come out of university having produced 3 projects will certainly be an achievement. Next, international success! Then we move on to another project that I did not have a producing role in but wrote then passed on to a bunch of talented young people taking part in the BFI Filmmaking academy. I’ve been invited to the screening so will be travelling to Newcastle pretty soon to see what they’ve come up with. But I know it will be great and I’m so excited to see it. There’s something satisfying seeing people act out words that you wrote one cold night in your own room. All this is being done while I attempt to go back to America for a 4th year and teach some aspiring counselors how to counsel! I guess I should talk about how I’m doing personally. I am good. I could be better, I feel as though some of my relationships have flourished but others have bombed. Still I’m grateful for all the friends I do have whether we’re on good terms or not just purely because I wouldn’t be where I am right now. So because of that I am happy. I have learnt a few things about people though, the last month has been an eye opener. I’ve seen such great things in people and the opposite. Right now though I think its important for me to just surround myself with positivity and not get engulfed with drama. If you’re causing me drama, then I don’t have time for you right now. But as I always say, I’m no one. Thank you for reading til the end and it was nice to write something after creating so much visual stuff. I guess that’s just me going back to my roots. See you in September!

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