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Your mind and you…

Our thoughts are our own. And we have totally control over them… right? Ever thought of something completely crazy, so crazy you began to question your own state of mind? Now I’m not saying we have no control over our thoughts because obviously we do. But sometimes that one morbid, weird, deluded thought seeps into our mind and sits there. Then we ask ourselves why the hell am I thinking that? Now thoughts are an amazing concept. They allow us to escape, or take us back to a distant memory. Although it’s never gonna be quite as real as the event itself the memory still lives on and we can access it as often as we want as long as it stays in our long term memory. What do you like to think about? Because you know thoughts can solve a lot of problems, but also cause a lot of problems. Over-thinking in particular. I see myself as an over thinker. If I feel like I could’ve handled a situation better it will play over in my mind again and again. It’s hard to shake and I don’t know how I ever come to the realisation that I need to just move on. But it comes eventually. But most of my thoughts are fantasy. Probably like most of us. Whether they’re about wealth, fame or sex. Because it’s always going to be a fantasy, you can never perfectly recreate a thought. So don’t waste your life trying to essentially chase something that doesn’t exist. It’s perfectly okay to have these thoughts but remember that that’s all they are, thoughts. In fact something occurred to me the other day. Most of the stuff we see in the world came from a thought. Buildings, mobile phones, furniture. Someone had that image in their head and decided that that was how it was going to look which just goes to show how amazing the human mind is. However not all thoughts are good thoughts. Sometimes you may find yourself in a position where you’re having the most random and horrific thoughts. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever thought of….? But you’re not the kind of person that will act on these thoughts right? See we all have the potential to break bad and become someone we don’t want to be. But I guess we have the self restraint and know what the consequences will be if we act upon these photos. Having said this I do think these thoughts are necessary for us personally and in terms of human development. I mean ultimately our minds are a world we have created, where we decide the rules. This is where our anger, our envy, our violence is kept. Sometimes we do lose ourselves and give into our thoughts but hey, we’re only human. One day consciously think about your thought process. How you go from one thought to another, what triggers these thoughts and how long you actually spend thinking about these thoughts. You’ll be surprised. Is the word thought starting to sound weird to you?

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