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You’ve Got a Bad Taste in Music

You can never say someone has a bad taste in anything. Who are you to tell someone else that their decisions are “bad” because literally when it comes down to it you’re no-one.

This is mainly due to preference. When people say someone has a “good” taste in music it actually means they have the same taste as you. Just because you like RnB and I like classical that does not mean I have a bad taste in music, just means I have a different taste.

Nowadays people are too quick to judge and criticise people on their lifestyle choices. Just let people get on with their lives and do what they want. There’s nothing wrong with saying you disagree with what someone else says but if they’re voicing an opinion you can hardly call them wrong cos it’s their opinion.

We should embrace the differences within us and a healthy non argumentative debate is always a good way of voicing your own opinions and listening to others in a professional manner.

It all comes down to respect really. We all have a voice why should we condemn people for using it. You learn a lot by just listening. It can often open up your own mind and make you think about things you’ve never even thought about before.

The choices you make in life are yours, no one else’s they can’t tell you’re wrong or are making bad decisions. If your decision leads to you being in jail then yeah maybe then and only then can you probably say someone made a bad or wrong decision, unless they wanted to go to jail but that’s for a different blog post.

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