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You're Special

Some Monday positivity for once...

Do you ever see someone who is extremely talented and you think "wow, I wish I was that talented". Not to negate the hard work that people often put into their craft but I truly do believe some people are just born with it, a natural if you will. When I think abut the whole Ronaldo vs Messi debate the way I think about them is they're both amazing footballers but it just seems to me that whereas Ronaldo worked his arse off to become the best Messi is just naturally gifted. Now of course I am not saying Messi didn't work hard, of course not, but there is something about the way he plays that just makes you think he was born to be a footballer.

And I think this is the case for a lot of us, we just don't know it. The thing we are naturally good at isn't always able to be monetized like football or singing but it doesn't mean that the skills we have aren't valuable. When I think about people in my life, people who I am close with I can always come up with one thing that they just do better than anyone else, or a certain thing about their character that makes them special or unique. It could be their sense of humour, artistic abilities or even emotional intelligence. And I've got to a point where I'm quite good at quickly recognising and identifying what these things are. And a lot of the time it does just make me think that this person is special in this regard.

And I know what you're probably thinking. If we're all special doesn't that mean actually none of us are special. Or maybe you weren't thinking that... but I was as I was writing and to combat my own argument I would say that what makes us special is different from person to person. Adele may be an amazing singer but can she recite pi to 50 decimal places?

I feel like a lot of us feel a certain level of inadequacy if we aren't doing something as well as someone else. But here's the truth, even the top athletes, the top musicians, the top business people were all inspired by someone else or striving to reach the heights of someone they admired. And for 99.99% of the population there will ALWAYS be someone better but just because we're not the best doesn't mean we're not enough. I've always suffered from low self esteem and still to this day fight with imposter syndrome constantly and I don't know if I will ever be able to shake it. Having said this though, I do know there are some things I am good at, whether it's something I believe myself or getting told by others and I believe there is great power in that. Letting those around you know when they are doing well, we all want to use our voices to shout, fight and condemn when a simple "Great job" or "Your work is sick" goes a lot further.

Maybe I am just crying out for some reassurance here, so if you want to give it to me that would be fab.

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