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Why I don’t drink.

And no it’s not because I’m boring.

So in case you didn’t know, yeah I don’t drink. It’s not a case of I used to drink but now have stopped I’ve just never really “drunk” before. Yes I have tasted alcohol, mainly because of church, but yeah these days I just refrain from drinking it all together.

A lot of people are amazed when I tell them I don’t drink especially because I’m at uni and it is often followed up with the question “Well why don’t you drink?”. And my answer is just normally “I just don’t”. Which is pretty perfect to be honest. So this is me trying to delve into the mystery of my tee-totaller status.

First of all I can safely say that alcohol is just disgusting. Even if i wanted to get drunk, I don’t think I could because alcohol is just horrific. Why would I drink something I don’t like hey? So yeah that’s pretty much the end of point 1.

Point 2. The effects… and not just the fact it makes you drunk. Also the health implications it has. Destroys your liver, high blood pressure, increased risk of cancers and heart attacks and the list goes on. I mean how different is it too smoking really. It’s not something I really want to put my body through. And I know you can drink in moderation but I have gone so long without drinking, why do I need to start now.

And then there’s the whole getting drunk. I don’t know why but people enjoy getting drunk. I mean like we are who we are and if you enjoy it then no one can judge. I’m just saying I don’t really understand it. And because I work at a club I’ve just gone even more off alcohol, if that was possible, because of the first hand experiences I’ve had with drunks. The vomiting, the falling over, the just making a total idiot of yourself. Not really a position I would want to be in and to be honest I think I’d make a pretty annoying drunk. Nah not about that life. I’ll stick to my J2O.

Then there’s the aftermath. THE HANGOVER. Which people usually accompany with “I’m never drinking again” er… yes you are.

I in no way condemn people who drink or try and impose these views onto others these are just my personal reasons. And believe me there have been times when I wish I did drink mainly due to the social benefits but you don’t need alcohol to have a good time… right?

At least this means that if you ever do go out with me you’ll always have someone to look after you. Did I mention I cleaned sick out of one of my friends hair? And the thanks I get is being totally blocked out of her life… girls eh? Oh wait what were talking about again?

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