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Why do you Social Network?

Social networking has become a revelation in recent years with the emergence of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If someone told you they didn’t have a Facebook account you’d think they were crazy. Or that they’re smart, very very smart actually. Social networking has arguably made us less sociable and for some just hardcore attention seekers. Let’s start with Facebook shall we? Yes we shall. Do you remember the days when people used to upload a photo and would say “Don’t like the link like the photo”. Why are these people assuming that someone is going to like their photo. If anything this is going to make people not want to like your photo. Also Birthdays… wow. Birthday’s on Facebook are a momentous occasion when we hear from people we never actually speak to or haven’t spoken to you in ages. And it’s actually quite a nice feeling when people you don’t normally speak to wish you a happy birthday BUT when people put “HB” that is just rude in my opinion. You’ve done a lot by clicking on this person’s profile to write on their wall for their birthday so why are you just posting HB? Would it hard just to go the whole way and say Happy Birthday. Lazy buggers.  Something that also makes me laugh is when people post on people’s timelines and are like “Inbox me when you see this”. Why don’t you just inbox them? Never understood that. I think people’s desperation for likes is what fuels most of the atrocities that plague social networks. But it’s human nature right? The need to be liked but c’mon it’s getting ridiculous now. “Like if you’re awake”, “Like if you’re doing this” “Like if you’re doing that”. After people like your status what exactly are you doing about it? Instagram is also a vessel for likes. People will literally tag their photos with a bunch of tags so more people will like it then delete the tags so it looks like they’ve got al those likes themselves. Seriously is this us? Is this the human race in the 21st century? Begging for likes? Likes are not going to get you a job or get you out of your overdraft. The only issue I have to raise with Twitter is when people will follow thousands of people just to get follow backs. Like why? Now I don’t want it to sound like I’m condemning people for doing these things, it’s your account you can do whatever you like with it but I just hope people are social networking for the right reasons. Social networking shouldn’t be there to feed your hunger for likes or gain popularity. The clues in the name, just to be sociable in the cyber world. If your tweets or Instagram photos happen to gain popularity then that’s fine. But It’s not all bad news when it comes to social networking. It has evolved into a marketing platform and a basis for advertising. It has also played an imperative role in raising awareness and money for charities and spreading good news. Too bad it will never be rid of crazes such as Neknomination, spam accounts and mothers posting endless photos of their snotty nosed children.

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