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Who pays on the first date?

Social media is full of mindless opinions from mindless people. And these mindless opinions from mindless people are consumed vigorously by even more mindless people. Don't get it twisted. This isn't me saying I am above anyone, I am one of those mindless people. Seriously, how many times can we ask the question "WhO sHoUld PaY oN tHe FiRsT dAtE?" Is it even an interesting thing to debate anymore? Don't get me wrong, the dating landscape has been an compelling place to be over the past 10 years but this doesn't add to its intrigue.

Instead you get philosophically deluded people trying to give their two cents on something that isn't even that deep. You want to split the bill - that's fine, find someone who wants to do that. You think a guy should pay - great, find yourself a simp who doesn't mind doing that. I'm kidding of course, that doesn't make you a simp, although some people would argue it would which is why the whole debate is mindless in my eyes.

But actually this isn't even the point of this blog post. Why is the most prevalent content on social media a black guy asking a white girl if she's into black guys? If you want to have a wider discussion around dating preferences and the fetishisation of black men then that might be a discussion worth having. But most often than not, these aren't the reason why people are asking these questions. It's all for reactions, quick likes, hot takes, fast food content. There's no depth.

And actually I am not even saying that there isn't space in social media world for mindless content, of course there is. We don't always want to be bombarded with content that makes us think or requires us to do wider reading. Sometimes we just want to see kids getting hurt or black people with their dogs. And who can blame us?

The only issue I have is that we create entire online identities around shallow notions and ideas and we feed it to people who don't know any better and somehow a video of a seagull stealing someone's sausage roll gets more attention than maybe a story that is more "worthy". But hey, who am I to decide what content should get more likes or views than others? Social media isn't real life, it's an extension of reality that we are all paying for with our mental health - a microcosm of personas, ideas that probably would never hold up in reality.

Do I sound bitter yet? I don't mean to. To be honest there's no point or reason for this blog post. It just is what is. Social media will always exist to offer us the lowest form of content. Because it's been created and perpetuated by "ordinary" people. And there's no real formula for what will trend. Sometimes you might just say something in a funny way or get a photo taken of you at the wrong time and suddenly you're an internet sensation.

It is sad though when you juxtapose this with people trying to make genuine moves with their small business or art. I can work my arse off every day until I die but I will never receive as many likes as that egg. Which I guess is okay, know the game, social media is an unpredictable place and sometimes a seemingly unfair one. Doesn't mean you should stop, or resent the people who seem to be doing well. As much as people don't want to admit it, but success on social media, a lot of the time, is down to luck - actually most success is. Which isn't demeaning the hard work people put in to make successes of themselves but somewhere down the road, they probably had a bit of luck.

Yeah man, social media, weird place, weird phenomenon. Wouldn't recommend. But if you're still wondering, if you're going on a date you should expect to pay. Don't care who asked who out, bring your wallet. You can't expect to eat out and not pay for it, that's absolute madness.

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