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Who I was thankful for in 2016

I just want to say that I am thankful for everyone in this photo which goes without saying. #family We all know 2016 was a pretty shoddy year but going into 2017 I don’t want the previous year to leave a bad taste in my mouth every time I think about it. So when I think about what made 2016 good for me I always think about the people. This is something I’ve never done before but for my own peace of mind and just to give a few positive words about some incredible people I will publicly name who made this year great for me and why. If you don’t like it… tough.

Aaron – Never a dull day when you’re around. Seriously my 4 years at university wouldn’t have been the same without you. Created too many memories and hope there’s many more to come. Well there will be when we get our place in Amersham Alice – You’re my absolute favourite person. A part of me still thinks you’re out of control but at least we have an understanding. I’m going to miss our bar shifts together but will never forget them. Thank you for being a considerate, honest and decent human being. Danielle – I can never have a normal conversation with you which I love. I never know what I’m going to get with you and I’m very grateful that you have this rare quality. I think this past year has been a crazy one for us but when I look back on it I just think about the amount of laughs you’ve given me. P.S Thank you for almost taking me to a psychic. Derren/Darren (whatever your name is) – You made long shooting days a pleasurable experience and I don’t think I have ever laughed so much when you’re around. You probably won’t appreciate this because you’re a cynical bastard but thank you for being part of my Masters journey. Efrosini – The actual ying to my yang. I don’t think I need to tell you what I think of you as I told you enough over the course of the summer. I just hope we get to work together again this year. A big part of my 2015, 2016 and hopefully my 2017. Elaine – I don’t think you’re going to see this so I don’t quite know why you’re here. I’m going to appreciate you anyway as although you ghosted for most of the year I am still glad we’ve been friends after all this time. I learnt a lot about you this year and hope to keep on getting to know you in 2017. Emma – You’re still annoying but when I don’t speak to you for at least a day it feels like my life is incomplete. You fill a gap that no one but you seems to fill and I don’t think I will ever get bored interacting with you. I’m glad you’ve finally accepted my sense of humour and know that I don’t actually hate you. Georgie – 2016 was the year I learnt you and Alice are actually two separate people. You will forever be one of my true TOFS friends and your quirky personality never fails to make me laugh. One of very few people I actually miss from uni days. Just don’t be a stranger! Hayden – For an absolute mug I guess you’re not too bad. You came through for me a lot last year. Thanks for the posters you made and for letting me crash at yours on numerous occasions. I actually got used to sleeping on your floor and was quite upset when left. I have no doubt that you’ll be part of my 2017. Jack – True don ever since 2010. I mean I don’t really need to say anything mate. Although you can be a snake I wouldn’t have it any other way. Jane – My partner in crime. 2016 has definitely been mine and yours year. Out of everyone I know I think I spent the most time with you. Thank you for helping me with 2 projects and being up for going out whenever I wanted to. I don’t really say it but you a true friend and I will miss you dearly when you go back home. Jessica C – Probably my most unlikely friend. Only because you were a bit of a bitch to me whenever I tried speaking to you. But no one can resist my charm for that long.It’s been great seeing you come out of your shell and giving me too many jokes at work. Forever my Chesil House buddy personal clown. Joanna – The first quarter of my 2016 was definitely made by you. I don’t think I’ve ever grown so close to someone so fast. Thank you for all those memories. Katie – My American counter part. I am still amazed at how often you came to see me at camp. Oh wait…. haha sorry couldn’t not joke about it. But seriously you are one reason why I go back to the states every year and I am not actually sure where our friendship came from but I am glad it exists. We share a special kind of banter and I will never get tired of hearing about all your boy related issues and I am always glad to tell you about my drama. You are my therapist, psychologist and sidekick. Louise – My little gem. You and I both share a passion for the same field which is why we hit it off so perfectly. One of the most genuine people I have ever met who is so easy to speak to. I honestly don’t think I have ever clicked so well with someone so early on. Thanks for helping me with Pathological and writing a great script for my masters project. Here for ya whenever you need me, either professionally or personally. Michael – Mr Worrall. Thank you for restoring my faith in Editors. It’s people like you that give me reassurance that I entered the right industry. Not only a cheery chappy but hugely talented and always willing to give a hand. You are an absolute diamond and can’t wait to see what magic you perform with Pathological. Noel – Well well well. Gonna be living in close proximity to you for what will be the 5th year. Guess that says a lot about us. You just can’t stay away from me. Thankful that you were around to experience our first year of uni together. Would literally be here all day if I were to list the memories. But to name a few, you dribbling in the Taxi, Multi battles and that dreaded term 2. Forever a back it guy and probably a friend for life if I can’t shake you. Raemuel – Perhaps my oldest friend which doesn’t stop us having a very turbulent relationship. If you haven’t blocked me then you will see this. 2016 marked the year where you actually invited me round your house and introduced me to your girlfriend. 2 occasions that I feel very privileged for and I don’t know what your problem is but yeah sort it out innit. It’s been too long for you to still be holding grudges against me. Robyn – Such a precious soul. Seeing you for the first time in a couple of years was perhaps one of my most exciting days of 2016. I thought I’d be nervous after all that time but I was just so excited and words can’t describe how thankful I was that you invited me. You are one person that I never want to hurt and always try to make happy because you have given me so much. Also important to note that you’re the only person I’ve dedicated a whole blog post to which is saying a bloody lot. Sarah – The most complicated person on the list without a doubt. Our relationship is based on… actually what is it based on? All I know is that you’ve always been there and no matter where I am or what I am going through I can always turn to you for some much needed advice or constant parring. If I was to make one of these lists for the past 5 years you probably would have been on every one. Also let’s just make it clear that 2016 was the year I finally saw you after how long even though we claim to be best friends. Shannon – Miss Millar, we were in a relationship for a week and I don’t just give my heart to anyone. Our regular phone conversations always come at the right time and our similar sense of humour just means we are always on the same page. It’s almost going to be 7 years since that fateful first encounter and who knows what 2017 holds for us. Toby – My child. Toby… I honestly don’t know what to say. Spending a whole month with you brought out something in me that I’ve never felt before. I was a dad, big brother, uncle, mentor and sensei rolled into one. You pushed me to my absolute limit and I can’t imagine that summer without you. I hope you keep your innocence for the foreseeable and I’m sure we’ll meet again in 2017. This list is by no means definitive but I feel as though we’re so wrapped up in social dramas that we never take that opportunity to tell those we care about how much we appreciate them. I can probably say that nothing I’ve said here isn’t anything that I haven’t told these people before but saying it out in the open is liberating for me and hopefully gives these people confidence going into the new year. I love you all and hope we can grow in 2017 what we planted in 2016. I also want to say thank you to the couples who have not only showed me that I don’t mind being a 3rd wheel but also accepted me as a 3rd wheel. Robertaron (Roberta and Aaron) Layden (Lana and Hayden) Jassica (Jack and Jessica) Thank you to each and everyone that has given me a single memory in 2016 and hope to make many more in this coming year.

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