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Who Are We?

Have you ever sat and wondered to yourself “who am I?”. Like who you REALLY are. Get ready deep post coming your way!

When we think of people, friends, family members etc we picture what they look like right? But not who they really are. I mean if you think about it, the human body is just a shell, a vessel if you like. The real us is somewhere on the inside. Some say it’s our souls that make us who we are or our mind or our conscience so it’s quite upsetting to know that you will never see who anyone REALLY is.

Is seeing really believing? You see an overweight person, you ain’t thinking about what they’ve been through or who they really are. Your initial thought is most probably going to be “whoa he’s a bit fat”. This comes to the old saying that you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover and all though I support this in some cases other times you’ve just got to.

We only display what we want others to see. You’re not going tell someone you bite your toenails or are secretly in love with them. But it’s stuff like that, that makes us, us. Our thoughts, our feelings our emotions make us what we are on the inside. Whereas words, actions and… make up make us what we are on the outside.

Now I’m not saying that we should all start blurting out out innermost thoughts cos that could end you up in some deep trouble but I think it’s vital for us to be open and show people what’s on the inside. No ones ever going to truly see it so all we can do is show them snippets.

And I don’t know if anyone else has thought about this but has anyone considered the relationship between their physical appearance and who they are. I regard them as 2 different things and who we are is not what we look like. My thoughts and feelings may not be that different from an Asian girl. I don’t know how we can live in a world where people are constantly being judged by their appearance. I think we’re all guilty of it but what we need to remember is that no one gets to choose the body their born into. We just are what we are.

So you don’t have a bum like Beyoncé, so you don’t have muscles like Dwayne Johnson, so you have a permanent scar on your face, so you got nostrils bigger than the channel tunnel, so your breasts ain’t that big, so you’re 5ft nothing, so you’re not light skinned. Do these things really matter? When it comes down to it I hope people judge you by the person that you are not the body that you are.

I don’t know specifically what I was trying to say throughout this post but I hope you took something from it. Even though it’s a cliche it really is what’s on the inside that counts.

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