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Where are you now?

So, hi. I’m back, do you even care? Please say yes. That was a bit soppy of me actually, but anyway I bet you all thought I had forgotten about this blogging gold mine but fear not it was just put on hiatus for a while. So where am I now, well right now I’m at the library typing this up cos I don’t own a functioning laptop. But in terms of the bigger sense of the question I’ve been around. Actually that’s a lie I’ve been the opposite… America to be exact. SHOCK! Yeah this was my 3rd year stateside and with a promotion actually to show for it. It was easily the best year I’ve had there. With the added responsibility and working with a great group of kids it was the best experience I’ve had to date. It’s safe to say that I am hooked on the place and I honestly can’t see myself packing it in anytime soon, well that is until life gets in the way. Damn you life. I could talk for days about it but I’ll probably save that for a different blog post. So yeah I am now back in the UK, back at University doing a Masters in Producing Film and TV. “Masters” sounds so scary and in fact it is. There’s a ton of work to get through and whole new bunch of people to get to know. No, I didn’t only do it to put off getting areal job for another year, what do you take me for? Okay okay, that might be part of the reason but I did really feel it would be beneficial for me and it’s all paid for so I can’t exactly say no. The end of education is insight and I’m about to be regurgitated into this thing we called life. real world work is calling me and to be honest I’m not really listening. Just let me have some fun please. I must admit a part of me does want to get out there and start earning some serious cash, the Bank of Mum is going to go out of business soon if I carry on the way I am. So that’s where I am professionally, now personally. Let me tell you, my personal life is a bit of a mess. Having friends is one thing but keeping them is a whole other board game. The amount of people I speak to on a regular basis has decreased dramatically, I have no idea why. Oh wait, I do because I’m just a bit of a tool. I don’t know, my social skills are just disappearing at an alarming rate and it’s starting to worry me. How do you speak to someone without feeling like you’re annoying them, how do you know if this person wants to speak to you. If you ask me, relationships are one big mind game and until you learn to sort your own head out, keeping friends is going to be a struggle. Anyway I have a lecture soon, so that’s it from me but I’ll see you again very soon… probably.

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