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What Makes You Beautiful

Sorry for the One Direction reference. Unless you like them, then more power to you. So in case you missed it, I am back with even more wisdom for you. Today is a question of self discovery and us as individuals. What makes us us? If you think about it life is just a journey we take in an attempt to find out who we are. We might take some wrong turns along the way but the journey is a long one and some may argue a never ending one. But remember it’s your journey; you make the decisions and choose the paths.

What does this mean exactly you may ask? Every human in life has this thing called Free Will. This is essentially the idea that humans are biologically or spiritually engineered to do whatever the hell they want. But with the prevalence of societal codes and rules this free will is becoming somewhat limited and restrained. But still we have control over most of our life and no-one can take this away from us. Without it everyone in the world would just be a blank slab and how boring would that be?

Some people argue that it is experience that shapes us others say that personality is decided within days of being born. I think both are completely plausible but in my opinion I lean more towards experiences. Every single experience we have had in life governs who we are today. That day you decided to have a burger over chicken, when you decided to stay in rather than go out, when you decided to cross the road early rather than wait for the lights to change. No matter how small it still has an effect on us. If you decided to take a different path you could be different than how you are now how scary is that?

You’ve heard that theory that if you went back in time and you stepped on a butterfly it could change the world drastically. Well it works the same way with our lives. You could’ve had an effect on so many people’s lives and you don’t even know. Something that you chose to do could have saved someone’s life. It’s a knock on effect, like a line of dominoes, each one falling over. Unfortunately most of the time we don’t get to see it.

In recent years I have become very tactile in the way I approach certain situations. Instead of acting on instinct I choose to sit back and consider the repercussions of my actions, which can lead to frustration at times and taking ages to decide on a course of action. Obviously I get it wrong sometimes, I mean if I didn’t then I wouldn’t be human. I’m not saying that this is the way to go about doing things but it sure does carry benefits. Acting on instinct is also advantageous and I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase to go with our “gut”. Some people’s instincts are spot on and acting in this way isn’t a problem.

It is also a belief that our lives have been mapped out for us already and no matter what path we choose that is always the path we were meant to take. It’s quite hard to get your head around. Think of it like this, whenever you change your mind about something that was always meant to happen so in a way you never changed your mind at all. If this is true that kind of opposes the whole idea of free will as it has all been decided for us. The schools we go to, the friendships we make, the jobs we get and eventually how we die. It’s scary knowing that our deaths are already set in stone and there’s nothing we can do to change that.

So back to you. Life is complicated. You will have your ups and your downs. Things will go your way and other times they won’t. You’re you because you’re unique and there’s no one else like you on this planet. Remember that. Your purpose on this planet transcends physical appearance and wealth and all these things we desire in life. Focus on what makes you happy, what makes you smile what makes you want to get up in the morning and face the world. This is what’s going to guide you through life. Your thoughts your feelings, your emotions, no one else is having this kind of experience but you. And that’s beautiful.

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