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This Chrissy Teigen Tweet Thing

You lot are mad.

I swear some of you lot don't deserve to use social media. I'm going to try and keep this one short because I honestly don't think a lot needs to be said. It's quite straightforward.

Here is a tweet Chrissy Teigen recently posted:

And before I go any further, I have no skin in this game. I don't particularly like or dislike Chrissy Teigen so I have no real reason to defend her. I always try and be unbiased in my opinions no matter what my personal feelings towards the person are.

But anyway, this caused quite the stir on social media as many people labelled the tweet as "tone-deaf". It is "tone-deaf" for Chrissy to recount this story due to the fact that the majority of people are unable to casually afford such an expensive bottle of wine and especially during these times when numerous people are struggling financially.

It honestly amazes me that so many people can be pressed by rich people doing rich people things. Why should Chrissy Teigen be less entitled than you to post about her life just because she has more money? Later Chrissy quite rightly tweeted this:

Someone actually tweeted "People are not going to relate to this." If you think that you're going to relate to 100% of the tweets tweeted by a millionaire then I'm sorry, but you are lost. It is not Chrissy Teigen's job or anyone's job to tweet things that they think their followers can relate to. Actually that's a lie because it literally is some people's job. So I'll amend that to "most people's job". Especially when you're just recounting a "funny" little story. We can find the humour in a story that we personally don't identify with. And I honestly think the main point of this tweet wasn't Chrissy Teigen complaining that her life is hard because she mistakenly bought an expensive bottle of wine. I perceived it as just a funny little story of something that happened to her. And just because you can't identify or don't find it funny doesn't make it "tone-deaf".

And even if Chrissy Teigen was presenting this as a legitimate issue, I hate the idea that we can't vent our frustrations about certain things just because someone out there is having a harder time than us. This is actually something I've blogged about before, take a read of this post where I go into more detail. Firstly it is stupid to think we can live our lives constantly worrying about the plight of others. We all have our own issues that we deal with on a day to day basis no matter how small they are. And secondly, just because you're lamenting a trivial problem you have doesn't mean you are neglecting or somehow minimising the issues other people are facing which you can probably recognise are considerably worse. It's just an act of self righteousness a lot of people like to jump on these days. If you don't want to hear about rich people doing things rich people do, then don't follow them. And this is just one story one person posted. Imagine if every rich person posted their daily rich person struggles on Twitter, which might I add, they have every right to do. You'd be eternally outraged. If you have an issue with Chrissy Teigen posting this then you literally can't complain about anything in your life because someone out there definitely has it worse than you.

Am I making a bigger deal out of this than it actually was. I mean maybe. Twitter is a cesspool of hyperbole and the majority of people who criticised Chrissy probably weren't that bothered at the end of the day. It was just another attempt to eat the rich as a lot of us are obsessed with these days. If her tweet irked you then you have the right to be irked but I seriously urge you to stay off social media in that case. And I have really tried to see this from other people's perspective but I have come to the conclusion that I know the reasons people took issue with the tweet and I wholeheartedly disagree but if I've missed something please feel free to enlighten me. And by all means if you want to hate on rich people then go for it, but using something like this to fuel your criticism of excessive wealth, I think, is remarkably misplaced.

And let me tell you something for nothing. If you could casually afford a $13,000 bottle of wine a lot of you would be stunting for social media morning, day and night. You lot stunt now even though you have thousands in student loan debt and you've maxed out your credit card.

Just because you don't like what you're hearing, doesn't make it "tone deaf". Or maybe it is, is this blog post tone deaf? Maybe. Or maybe your ears just need to be calibrated.

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