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Then I Woke and it Was All a Dream

Dreams are something that interest me but there seems to be some common tropes that run through most of my dreams and I just want to see if you guys can relate.

1) When you dream about a familiar place like school or where you work. You know you’re dreaming about it except its a little bit different. Rooms that don’t exist, corridors appearing out of nowhere… madness.

2) When you’re having a fight with someone and you’re using every last ounce of your strength to throw a punch but the punch is just pathetically weak.

3) Flying – You can fly or believe you can fly in every dream.

4) When you have a dream so amazing and vivid you believe its real. Then when you wake up in your bed you’re just so disappointed.

5) Lucid Dreaming – If you have not experienced this then I pity you. For you who don’t know lucid dreaming in a simple sense is when you know you’re dreaming so you’re like able to consciously control your dream. I think I am able to do this on demand now. Oohhhh the things I’ve done 😉

6) Sleep Paralysis – The biggest bitch ever. You wake up but your body didn’t get the memo and you can see stuff but you can’t move. And you try to scream but nothing comes out.

7) People appearing more than once in your dream – This ones quite hard to explain but you’re like with someone you know and you’ll be talking to someone else but its the same person you’re with but you don’t realise until you wake up. I think that one may just be me.

8) INCEPTION – That ish is real you know. You wake up, well you think you’ve woken up, but in fact you’re still dreaming. Then you have to constantly wake up until you’re actually back in reality.

9) Spaz attacks – I think we’ve all experienced this, when you’re like falling or you trip or you kick someone or any sudden body movement and you end up imitating it in your bed. And afterwards you just feel like such an idiot like “why the hell did I do that?”

10) Forgetting – When you wake up and you know you’ve had a dream but you just can’t remember what it was about.

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