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The Truth about Valentines… Well, My Truth

So it’s Valentines Day and it only seems right that I write a blog post on it.

Valentines Day: The day when your spouse or partner (normally the male) does something to show you how much they apparently love you.

Now I have nothing against Valentines Day nor do I have anything against the people who celebrate it as I think a day based on “love” can only be a good thing. However I do think it has become heavily materialistic and no longer about us showing our love for each other but more about us buying gifts and being extravagant just because it’s Valentines Day. Did that make sense?

First of all why is it always the guy that’s expected to do something. You know that’s sexist. What’s the difference between a girl saying that the boy should be the one to do something on Valentines and a guy saying that a woman belongs in the kitchen. I’ll tell you, none. I think society has led us to believe that men should be the leaders in a relationship. You fought all those years for equality and the right to vote yet you still choose to distinguish gender roles between male and females. Wouldn’t it be nice if you did something for each other? Now that’s equality.

Secondly why do people think they NEED a man or woman for Valentines. You do not. You’ve survived all this time without a partner why do you need one just for Valentines? Go out with your friends you love them don’t you? You don’t need no man, you’re an independent woman (or man).

Thirdly and finally… do I even have a third point? Oh wait, I do. If it takes a day to get you to show how much you appreciate your partner then I pity you. If you really do care you wouldn’t wait for this day you’d just do it anyway, any time you wanted. Don’t be governed by external forces and what society says we should do.

To be honest I don’t believe in Valentines Day, well I don’t support what it’s become. But having said all this I think it is nice obviously to spend the day with your partner but don’t just do it because it’s Valentines Day do it because you want to.

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