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The Nature of Cancer Awareness Selfies

I’m going to keep this post pretty short and sweet. Well I’m going to try and keep it short and sweet, whether I succeed remains to be seen. So I’m sure you’re all aware about the latest social media trend of girls taking photos with no make up to raise awareness about cancer research. And also the horrifying reverse of boys taking selfies WITH make up. And as always when something like this comes along there’s always haters. People are saying that by doing this we’re not helping cancer at all. But I thought that was pretty obvious. I was under the impression that this is just to raise awareness and to be honest it’s doing a pretty good job. The power of social media eh? Why are people going to try and put a downer on something that is only doing good. Awareness of cancer research is at a high and we get to see what some girls REALLY look like. It’s a win win in my book. And also these people complaining that these people are taking selfies and not donating I think is pretty lame. I’m not going to lie I rarely go out of my way to give to charity mostly because I’m broke and I see myself as a charity to be honest but these people taking selfies didn’t sign a contract that says they have to donate. Besides just by them taking a selfie and raising awareness means many more people will donate. Anyway most of the girls I’ve seen that have done have donated. So to conclude I think this is a great thing people are doing, only good can come out of it. So I say just let it be and let people do their thing. Raising awareness and donating both help cancer research greatly so I don’t get why people are complaining. And it’s also much better than that stupid Neknominate garbage we were all playing a few weeks back. If you would like to donate text BEAT to 70007

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