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The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Unfortunately this post isn’t about Madelaine Petsch… although it very well could’ve been. To be totally honest with you, the title of this post came before the content which is slightly unusual but putting people and “things” in such high regard has always interested me. What makes something so perfect and beautiful and how do we pursue it? It’s a fact of life that as humans we’re always trying to better ourselves. If we do something once, the next time we do it we slightly alter it in order to make it more successful next time but always knowing it will never be perfect. Yet we still strive to achieve… what exactly? I guess just to do it the best we possibly can but even after that “we can always do better” and this process is kind of scary when you think about it. The majority of us are never going to achieve our wildest dreams. But I’ve learnt it’s not really about achieving those dreams or reaching unrealistic heights. It’s all about that journey. There’s only one Cristiano Ronaldo in the world but that’s not to say lesser players can’t be proud of what they’ve achieved. I’m sure they still went through struggle and pure determination to get where they are. And when we become focused on that end goal rather than the steps needed to get there we can find ourselves in a spot bother. This is why we cheat and look for shortcuts. Although there are numerous instances where this may be possible the majority of the time we have to go the long way round. Life is hard, making something of yourself is intrinsic and can never be solely down to external forces. Unless you go out of your way to try and get the things you want they most likely won’t come. Now not to preach to you, I’m sure you’ve been told a similar message all your life but it never quite hits until you’re in a position where you have a goal that you desperately want. And what makes these goals so desirable. What makes that the best job for you? What makes Madelaine Petsch the most beautiful girl in the world. It’s all in your brain. It’s just an ideal that doesn’t really exist. Sure we can have tangible goals and desires but the thought of it always means so much more than actually having it. You may find yourself in an unexpected position that is actually so much better than what you thought you wanted. However it is important to hold those ideals as they are what drive us but they’re not the be all and end all. I am not not going to look at any other girl because Madelaine is the beautiful-est. Although I might… but keep an open mind. Journeys are unexpected and sometimes they might take a slight detour or take you to a completely new destination. We’re all pretty much in the same boat and if you’re in a position to help someone get where they need to be then go ahead and do that. Life is no competition. We’re all on our own separate journeys and we should all just want the best for one another. 

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