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The Lying Game

We always teach the younger generation that lying is wrong but is it necessary sometimes? We hear it all the time… “I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t want to hurt your feelings” whether your parents telling you you’re adopted or that the new iPhone doesn’t have a screen. This is our main rationale for why we don’t tell people the truth. But there is a huge debate whether this type of lying is actually necessary in certain circumstances. Now none of us enjoy being lied to but also it’s important to remember that most of the time we don’t know we’re being lied to which is a crazy concept in itself. The quote “you can’t handle the truth” makes more and more sense to me these days. If we had a radar that detected lies it honestly wouldn’t stop going off. But it does take two to lie, someone to tell the lie then someone to believe it. And I think it’s human nature for us to believe people in whatever they say and also to lie ourselves. And most of the time there’s no reason for why we should believe a complete stranger or why we tell the self service machine we have 1 plastic bag when in actual fact we have 7. From my perspective I do believe that lying is one of the many necessities of life. Imagine how dreadful your childhood would’ve been if someone told you tamagotchis weren’t cool or girls don’t have cooties.

Now I’m by no means saying that we should all go round and lie like dogs (what a world that would be) but if someone does lie there’s usually an underlying reason and if it proves to be a selfless one does this then outweigh the lie itself. I honestly believe in a number of circumstances it does but if studying television has taught me anything its that lies always come out. So are you willing to jeopardise this person’s trust in you to keep whatever it is a secret? If you’re going to lie, make sure it’s for the right reasons yeah? Funny story I actually stared this post months ago but didn’t finish it for no reason or another. Because of this I can’t actually remember why I wrote it. In case you didn’t know, every post I write has some sort of connection to my personal life. So this can only mean I lied to someone… sorry.

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