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The Art of Messaging

Messaging has become something of an art today with the prevalence of smart phones, Facebook, Whatsapp and all these other messaging services. We are now considered to be either good or bad messengers and I’ve come across a wide range. 

For those of you who don’t know what messaging is, it’s when you send someone a digitalised sentence or string of sentences to emulate real life conversation. The recipient will then send you a reply, and there you are you’re officially a messenger. The only reason why I say this is because there are those people out there who forget the “reply” part. And with whatsapp, BBM and Facebook now notifying us when a message has been read there’s no escape. I like to call these people “non-replies” or “time wasters”

See I think people can be split up into different messaging groups. As well as time wasters there are my favourites “messaging warriors”. These are people who reply to your message within seconds and it actually feels like you’re having a free flowing conversation with them! I consider myself in this category. Like obviously there are things in life that will prevent us from replying straight away, but with nearly every person over the age of 12 having a smart phone these days we are constantly connected to some form of messaging service so people should exhibit this kind of messaging at some time or another!

Next we have the “inbetweeners”. These are the people who haven’t quite decided what kind of messenger they want to be. Sometimes they’ll reply at lightening speed but others that literally won’t reply for days. A common trait of these kind of messengers is when they do decide to reply regularly and you don’t they moan. Now what’s that about?

Actually coming back to time wasters this can be split up into two further categories. First we have the people who genuinely do not see a text and will reply a few days later apologising. And this happens it’s happened to me numerous times. BUT on the other hand we have those people that just out and out IGNORE your messages. It’s not even like you’ve deaded the convo by just replying “lol” but you’ve given them a paragraph of meaningful text and they just read it like you didn’t want a reply. The worst is when you ask a question and they don’t reply! AND THEY’VE READ THE DAMN MESSAGE! Sorry how does that work?

This brings me on to my next point. Conversation deaders. These people will be the death of me. Why would you want to dead a conversation? Actually why would you wanna dead a convo that YOU started? Makes no sense. Conversation deaders can be identified through their lack of ability to use more than two words in a reply and their constant use of a lone “lol” in a message. They react rather than act. They’ll answer your questions til the cows come home with generic clichéd answers and not offer anything in return. Actually THESE are the biggest time wasters! I laugh on your lapel.

And that’s it really. Just realised I was quite aggressive but meh I just want people to talk. Is that so hard? Why oh why are people incapable of holding a conversation these days? Oh and one last note! Don’t you hate those people that chat loads in real life but when you talk to them online they have the personality of a carrot. And not even a nice one. That is also annoying and I still don’t know why it happens. You are you whether it’s in real life or cyberspace. Why you change so much? So what kind of messenger are you? Please I’d like to know!

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