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Tales From My Dms: Asking Someone Out

The latest instalment comes in the form of a video. But if you want more context to the story then carry on reading:

This wasn't really someone I expected anything from. I've known them for a while and we don't speak all that often but we got on in person really well. And recently I've been considering my relationships with people and what my expectations are from them. Because no matter how "close" I am with someone I think in any kind of relationship, respect is the bare minimum.

Aswell as this, I'm also trying to be a bit more direct with my intentions. All too often do people get into arguments due to poor communication or trying to play games with one another instead of just plainly stating what they want and how they feel. I practised this ideology with the individual in question and as you can say it gravely backfired. Or did it?

I mean I think we can all agree the responses were quite rude, disrespectful and dismissive but also what the responses tell me is that this person is probably not worth my time because it's clear that I am not worth theirs. And in fact this is okay, I have no problem with that being the case, but I just wish I knew this before putting myself out there, spending time looking for somewhere to go and putting on a new jacket haha.

But of course the real ones came through with their support through these trying times.

Moral of the story is... know which of your friends are your worth your time and effort. Because I'm sorry to say that a lot of the ones you think are... actually are not. But the bright side is that your real ones will always come through and there'll be times when you can clearly see who those people are.

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