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Relationships and all that Good Stuff

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I’ve been waiting to write a blog post on relationships, but then again what do I know about relationships? I’ll tell you what, nothing. I know nothing about relationships seeing as I’ve never been in one. But I can tell you what I think I know. You learn a lot just by looking at other people’s relationships.

I think we all know that relationships can be complicated things. Heck, they should be complicated. You invest your time, money and emotions into these things so they’re bound to be complicated. But what makes us decide to get into a relationship in the first place.

A lot of people believe in “the one” and if we come out of a relationship we often rationalise it by saying that he/she wasn’t the “one” and my “one” is still out there. I used to think this was a load of crap but as I’ve got older I do see some truth in it. Finding your “one” doesn’t mean there’s only one person out there that your compatible with but the “one” is just a composite of all these different things and in fact there are numerous people out there that can fit this mould of the “one”. Now you’re never going to know if someone is the one until you get into a relationship with them. Seriously people can change once you enter a relationship with them, it’s crazy… Or shall I say THEY’RE crazy as some of you will find out.

People often feel there is a need for them to be in a relationship, and for some people it may well be a need. You’re probably tired of meals for one and crying yourself to sleep so companionship might just be what you need. But this view I feel is imposed on others and now people as young as 12 are getting into relationships. Can someone aged 12 really be in a relationship. I’m still undecided. You’re still growing and learning so chances are that the relationship won’t last. But I’ve been known to be a pessimist. Truth is only you know if you need someone. You might like being single or you might like just being alone and that’s perfectly okay. One day you may change your mind and finally say okay I need someone and that’s okay too. Only because you see others getting into relationships don’t feel you have to too.

Now for people in relationships from what I see there are different kinds of relationship. Relationship 1 is that the two people really like each other and everything is happy and lovey and all that. Relationship 2 is one of the people obviously likes the other person more than they like them. And third there’s the side chick or side guy. When you think you’re in a relationship when in fact you’re just someone’s side chick or side guy or “booty call”.

Just make sure you’re getting into a relationship for the right reasons. I don’t want to use the word love because hardly anyone knows what it means. Love is more of a feeling that is hard to articulate. Don’t string people along, if there is any doubt of whether you like them it’s not fair that you carry on the relationship. Better do it now before you get tied down and are working a 9-5 job with 3 kids to feed.

My personal stance is I’ll meet someone and know that they are the person I want to be in a relationship with. I wouldn’t say I’m necessarily looking but more keeping me eyes peeled. Lame? I guess, but we all want to be loved and love someone in that way I think.

I used to think we only go for good looking people but that is a load of rubbish. Pretty sure we’ve all had that moment when we see a couple and think “how did HE get her” and vice versa.

In conclusion make sure you’re “ready” to be in a relationship, don’t feel pressured into it and actually make sure you like the person. Thought that was a given but I guess not. Remember. I know nothing and you may well disagree with everything I have just said.

P.S I did not write this with anyone in mind. This is completely general so don’t crucify me. Thanks.

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