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Ranking the UK’s Football pundits

So I’m a huge football fan, well I say huge… only when my team is winning. And for all you other football fans out there you know that punditry is very much a big part of a football match these days. With the premier league nearing it’s end I thought it was only fitting to rank the UK’s pundits. So I’m going to start with who I believe are the UK’s top 10 pundits then give a few honourable mentions to the worse. The list will mainly feature pundits from Sky, BT and the BBC. SO LEGGOOOOOO… 10. Glen Hoddle

Probably only here because I couldn’t think of anyone else. He will do I guess. Good manager, good player maybe a tad boring but yeah I’ll let him grace the list. 9. Thierry Henry

Maybe a surprise to some people seeing as he’s new to the game and there has been some criticism towards him. But when you set the premier league on fire like he did and was perhaps one of the best strikers to grace the lead everything and anything he says is going to be interesting to hear. Obviously highly intelligent in his analysis especially of strikers with a few more years experience he’ll be one of the best. Sometimes takes a bit long to get his point across but I put that down maybe to just being a newbie. 8. Phil Neville

Maybe another surprise, but I found it very hard to rank pundits. Phile Neville isn’t an amazing pundit but he does just talk a lot of sense. He has years of experience in the game at top clubs like Manchester United and Everton he obviously knows what he’s talking about. 7. Jermaine Jenas

And the surprises keep on coming. The only reason why Jenas is on the list is perhaps because he didn’t reach the heights like other pundits did in they’re playing career so just being able to be a pundit in the first place is an achievement. Unfortunately suffered an injury which prematurely put an end to his career he seems to be having a blast as part of the punditry squad for BBC. Surprisingly inciteful at times and always speaking with a smile on his face the fact that he’s young and has only just come out of the game brings a sense of youth and freshness to what otherwise looks like a grandad’s meeting around the MOTD table. 6. Mark Lawrenson

Just tells it like it is. 5. Ruud Gullit

Cool, calm and collected. Always nice to add a bit of international class to proceedings and Gullit brings just that. With an amazing career that includes a Ballon d’Or and World Soccer Player of the Year Gullit was perhaps a big catch by the BBC. Knows the game inside out, highly intelligent and not annoying. 4. Jamie Redknapp

I know a lot of people are divided by Jamie Redknapp, well at least I think they are, I really respect him. had a moderately successful career but shows a raw enthusiasm for punditry that we perhaps don’t see with many others. I think the fact that he didn’t really achieve anything is a testament to his punditry. Just as long as he can ditch that biased towards his cuz Frank he could be a favourite. 3. Graeme Souness

Someone else who tells it like it is. Just has a sense of authority and makes you believe in everything he’s saying. Maybe that’s just me. 2. Jamie Carragher

ANNOYING VOICE… but I look past that and his work on MNF is just incredible. Had a long semi successful career with Liverpool playing with some of the world’s top players. He knows the deal and does it in style. 1. Gary Neville

Was anyone else going to be number 1? I think not. This man has probably revolutionised the world of punditry. Along with Carragher is work on MNF is amazing. Surprisingly unbiased towards his old club Manchester United the man finds things in football games you had never even considered before. Perhaps one of the best right backs the Premier League has ever seen he was destined for punditry. His occassion banter with his old rival Carragher is in fact funny and a joy to watch. His occasional co-commentary is also top notch. Honourable mentions for worse pundits… Alan Shearer

Used to like him and admired him when I was a kid but my main probolem with him is the way he casually uses the line “Should’ve scored”. Okay at times when he says the play should have scored but when someone takes a shot from the edge of the area with about 9 players in the box you can’t be saying that. Only because your the leagues all time top goal scorer doesn’t mean you can start saying everyone should be scoring here there and everywhere. Robbie Savage

Again with the voice. Achieved next to nothing in his career, wasn’t even that good a footballer don’t even know how he made it into the world of punditry. But I concede that you don’t need to have achieved a lot to be a great pundit but you do need a good footballing mind, unfortunately this man has neither. I will say this though he’s not afraid to say what he thinks even if it is controversial. He’s said a lot of things I’ve thought before. Martin Keown

Didn’t like him when he was a player, don’t like him now his a player. Offers no incite what so ever, basically just describes the game as it goes along. Michael Owen

A rare pundit but an ever present co commentator who comes out with the most outrageous statements (Sterling is better than Ozil) and also unfortunately has an annoying voice. But I did like him as a player and i assume I like him as a human being. Steve Mcmanaman

Okay you played for Real Madrid… don’t know where I was going with that. He just always seems to be angry. Roy Keane

He’s not a bad pundit. But he’s brutal honesty which I almost always disagree with is a bit jarring. Who are your favourite pundits?

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