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Putting it into Perspective

Perspectives by @ByranCito

We all need a reality check sometimes and this has become all too evident in the current climate.

I just want to start by saying hello. It has been a while. I do in fact have a reason for not being as active on here. Due to the whole pandemic thing and work being a bit crazy. But that is neither here nor there. I hope you are all doing well in isolation and are still able to enjoy the nice weather, only for an hour though, don’t get greedy.

This is actually a post I’ve been meaning to write for a while but the current global situation has only amplified these thoughts so I feel compelled to come out and write this. Which is a good sign, this is not a sell out post by any means. I don’t do dem tings anymore believe me. Anyway I digress.

Let me preface this whole thing by posing a question to you. Have you ever complained, or got really caught up about something that just seemed silly or unimportant? I believe we call these “First World Problems”. For example not being able to decide which of your £100 trainers to wear or whether to put your tomatoes on the side of your plate or throw them straight in the trash. The basis of the “First World Problem” issue isn’t actually that these aren’t real problems, because they are, but they’re not real problems in relation to other things that are happening in the world, often things that are not even happening to us.

I think it is important to stay humble and be aware of the certain privileges in our lives. This way we can never take anything for granted and we can keep ourselves mindful of the myriad of issues facing humans in different parts of the world. However my outlook on it is that you can have it both ways. This may seems like a crazy concept or you may disagree with me which is fine but just let me explain this to you.

No matter how you cut it the world is full of injustices no matter the size. And these injustices will affect different people dependent on a lot of variables. This could be economic background, race, religion, age, gender and the list just goes on. Even though as rational human beings we can identify what can be classed as “real issues” and what is superficial. But this doesn’t change the fact that some of these superficial challenges and problems we face every day don’t have an impact on our life. Just because there is someone out there who is undoubtedly suffering more than we are doesn’t make our feelings any less valid. We are both victims and victors of the society we are living in and different challenges will have a different affect on us than say, someone who is living in extreme poverty. Take this for an example. On this Earth it is many people’s way of life that they have to walk miles just for clean running water. And because this is their way of life they no longer see this as much of a challenge as opposed to someone who has had access to running water their whole life but now would suddenly have to walk to get their own. To them it would be the biggest hurdle in the world.

The way you feel in any given moment is completely valid and there are no external forces that can invalidate them for you. And this is okay, no matter how small or trivial the problem is. However as with any challenge you face, it is not healthy to dwell on it for too long. get yourself back down to Earth and figure out ways in which you’re able to overcome it. And I think that is the main crux of the point I am trying to make. You can wine and complain about whatever you want, as long as you turn that negativity into some positive action. Then within ourselves we can feel less guilty about feeling the way we are and just take some affirmative action which helps boost our own positive mindset.

And with all this always check your privilege. Be thankful for the things you do have, do know that people have it worse than you but also, no matter how good you think you have it, or other people do everyone is climbing their own mountain. Next time a celebrity says they’re struggling with isolation in their mansion do not be so quick to judge and compare their situation with someone much less well off. Isolation is more than just being physically in your house. As we are all realising it is an emotional struggle we are battling and this is irrelevant if you have £100 million to your name or £1. Always be kind and be supportive no matter who you’re talking to. And that’s all I have to say.

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