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Phrases that now mean nothing…

There are a lot of phrases that have now lost all meaning because of how often people use them. Obviously there are the odd people that actually mean it when they say it but the majority of you lot are hard cold liars.

1) I love you – Probably the most obvious. Do I really need to say more. Can often be confused with “I’m in love with you”. But “love” is a big word and shouldn’t be used willy nilly. And if you do love someone you shouldn’t have to keep on telling them. They should know right?

2) See ya soon – Unless you actually know you’re going to see them within the next week. Why are you saying this? Just say bye. It’s a lot less letters.

3) I don’t mean to sound rude but… – Others include “I’m not being racist but” and “Don’t take this the wrong way”. This means nothing because what you say next is going to be rude or racist or the person will take it the wrong way. Just because you start the sentence like this doesn’t eradicate that fact that you’re a rude son of a b*tch or a racist.

4) Have a safe flight – Unless you’re talking to a pilot the person has no power over how safe their journey is. A better thing is to say is “hope you have a safe flight”.

5) Good Luck – We make our own luck. Actually more on this, when people say good luck before an exam. I know it’s just a nice thing to say but you realise you’re hoping the person does well because of luck instead of their academic intellect. So ultimately you’re saying they’re not good enough to pass their exam on their own merit.

6) We need to catch up soon – LOL you don’t have any intention of catching up with this person.

7) Miss you – This is apparent when you haven’t spoke to the person for ages then when by some miracle you do talk to this person they claim they miss you. These kind of people are incapable of missing anyone.

8) Friend – What does this word even mean? You probably talk to a lot of people but I doubt they’re all your friend. What does it take for someone to be considered as your friend. People seem to think these days that just because you spoke to someone once they’re now you’re friend. It takes a lot more. A friend is someone you have a “connection” with. And you talk to on a regular basis. And these people that claim that they can be friends with people they don’t talk to. That makes so sense.

9) LOL – Think I might have just used this. Yeah we all know that when we put “lol” we’re not actually laughing. I try to distinguish to let people know when I actually am laughing. If I feel like someone is meaning to be funny but I don’t laugh I reply with a simple “lol”. When I actually am laughing the “lol” then becomes capitalised and elongated maybe even accompanied by a few “ha”s just to articulate how much I am actually laughing.

10) In a minute – A minute normally equates to 60 earth seconds. So why do people say they’ll be a minute when they know full well they’re going to be much longer?

And yeah these are the main ones I can think of right now. We’re all guilty of using them. I mean it’s not a big deal but it’s funny to see if people know what they’re actually saying.

Love you all and I’ll see you soon…

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