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My Top Ten Tunes!

Music plays a big part in most of our lives today. Whether you’re a hip-pop fan or prefer the sound of a string quartet music evokes all these different emotions within us which I think is why music is so important. So I was just recently thinking what my favourite song is and I can’t answer that question because it changes so much! I’ll often go through a phase where I’m playing a single song on repeat! But I’ve compiled a list of what songs spent the longest being replayed ultimately making them my favourite songs! I’ve tried to keep the songs kind of mainstream so you’ve either heard it or heard OF it! I’m not a music expert so forgive me if I use the incorrect technical jargon.

10. Billie Jean, Michael Jackson – There has to be at least one song from the King of Pop here. And I think we’ve all seen his Motown performance of this song where he performs the moonwalk for the very first time. The rhythmic beat accompanied by some modest vocals by Jackson truly makes this one of his best songs and arguably most iconic.

9. Mirrors, Justin Timberlake – Probably the song of 2013 and JT’s way of letting us all know he was back on the music scene. It’s catchy beat and “cute” but not quite cheesy (thankfully) lyrics this song has a special place in all our hearts. The subsequent music video also did a great job of visually expressing such great lyrics.

8. Heartless, Kanye West – The song of 808s and Heartbreaks and with it’s poetic lyrics it shows the extent of Kanye’s genius and musical talent. However let me also say the that The Fray’s cover of this song was also amazing. I’m not going to compare it to the original as they can’t be compared. Keeping true to the lyrics but experimenting with the genre and arrangement it is also one of my favourite songs of all time.

7. Mad, Ne-yo – No one can deny that Ne-yo was an RnB God but with him now starting to broaden his musical palette his RnB prowess has somewha depleted. Still this doesn’t stop Mad making it onto my top 10 list. A pretty emotional song with an emotional music video to accompany it Ne-yo shows is why he is one of the best songwriters in the world today. The beautiful piano melody just might bring a year to your eye complimented by the truthful lyrics Ne-yo songs on top.

6. Someday, Tinie Tempah – Off his new Album Demonstration featuring mesmerising vocals by Ella Eyre, not only is this probably the best song on the album but probably Tinie’s best song to date. Rapping about the struggles he faced to reach the top the song also has an uplifting message that we will all someday find our place in the sun.

5. Will You Be There, Michael Jackson – Not one of his biggest hits and this list could have been plagued with MJ songs but I tried to limit it and after much deliberation I chose Will You Be There as my favourite MJ tune. Popularized through the 1993 film Free Willy this song gives us a real insight into MJs state of mind with him explicitly saying “I get lonely sometimes”. Not only this but it also begs the question if we will be there for our loved ones. A truly beautiful song. The added vocals of the Andrae Crouch singers almost make the song sound biblical giving it just that little more presence and gravitas.

4. You Need Me I don’t Need You, Ed Sheeran – When I first heard this track I hated it because it was so different to Ed’s previous singles. But after about 2 years I finally appreciated the song for what it was and realised it is a piece of lyrical genius. With lines such as “Suffolk sadly seems to sort of suffocate me” who can deny Ed’s capabilities as a song writer and now a rapper.

3. Like Toy Soldiers, Eminem – I think every Eminem fan will say that this is one of Eminem’s best song. When not rapping about Misogyny or murdering his wife Eminem shows us a softer side to his mentality and also his rapping delivery. The instrumental is a nice divergence from his normal hard hitting beats and corresponds well with the subject of the song.

2. Bombs Away, B.o.B – How can you not love a song with Morgan Freeman! His chilling words at the beginning and end of this song make it one of the best collaborations ever. The production of the song is just epic accompanied with a rap about B.o.B reaching where he is today and just generally achieving what you want in life. Nice to see from a rapper.

1. Castle Walls, T.I. – Now I don’t know how many of you know this song but when it comes down to it this has got to be my favourite song of all time! Christina Aguilera makes a great addition to the track delivering a catchy pitch perfect chorus. The sombre tone of the tr ack makes it a thought provoking one as T.I. Tellls us that money and game come at a cost of a “sane man’s sanity” which allows us to sympathise with him. He also gives us an insight into his internal conflict but aswell as this it is arguably a statement of the life of a successful rapper. A music video was supposedly shot but never released which is a bummer. On the up side this song ultimately is a life lesson, and if you haven’t heard it I suggest you listen to it right now.

So there it is! There were numerous other songs I could’ve included but that would’ve made for a very long list. If you haven’t heard a song on the list I suggest you listen to it! What would you say is your favourite song of all time. And if you love a song that’s on my list or even better MULTIPLE songs then please let me know!

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