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Lively Liverpool

Another major city checked off the list

I don’t know how many of you guys have been to Liverpool but it’s quite the place. I mean the only reference I have for Liverpool is the football club and their motto “You’ll never walk alone” which is actually pretty good advice when I found myself walking the streets of Liverpool at midnight. But I guess it’s not all that bad, it has many characteristics of most major cities in the UK, major homeless problem, lively night life and plenty of chicken shops. However I was there for a work conference meaning I was there for you know… work. Well actually that’s where you’d be wrong because I got to experience Liverpool night life and wow it was quite the experience.

So my new colleagues and I all started off together as we had an area in Brooklyn Mixer to ourselves. It started off as more of a social thing then turned into a right ol’ knees up. And for the most part it was great, meeting like minded people from all different parts of the UK was somewhat satisfying. And by like minded I mean camp people. It’s almost impossible to speak about camp to non-camp people so being in a room filled with people who understood all my references and just “got” camp culture was pretty great. Anyway I digress…

So we’re all having a good time when an incident throws a spanner in the works which basically ended up with us leaving the place. We didn’t get kicked out but we left none the less, and off to watch the Glolovkin and Brook we went. Now I’m pretty much a fair-weather boxing fan, I’ll just jump on the band wagon when a big fight is happening. You’re probably wondering where this story is going. I promise it’s going somewhere. So anyway after Brook got his arse handed to him we left the club and got a real feel for what Liverpool night life was like. Did I tell you guys about Swansea? I think I did. But yeah it was a lot like that. And hearing drunk scousers screaming all over the place isn’t a pleasant experience. Did I mention everyone in Liverpool is a scouser and they’re all so amazed when someone down south is in the city. But that’s another story. So yeah, Liverpool equals pure carnage for everyone involved.

Now here’s the apex of this story. Now i know some bouncers are funny about the people they let in to their clubs but we were literally the least threatening group I’ve ever seen. We couldn’t even intimidate a melon if we tried. For anyone interested, this club was called Level. AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS. So we made our way down the road of freedom and debauchery, after being told to enter by one of the promoters, when we’re stopped by one of the bouncers. He asks us how many is in our group. To which we timidly reply, 8. Which is like the generic size of a group going out. But apparently, this was too much. Having 8 people in the club that know each other may cause problems. And then, this is where it gets ridiculous, one of the bouncers looks at my shoes and says “we don’t allow huaraches” you know those pretty despicable nike shoes that all the “cool” kids wear. First of all let me just say those were just not the trainers I was wearing so he’s already messed up there. We tell him they’re not huaraches but no, that;s not enough for him he has to approach me and closer inspect the label which to his dismay read “adidas”. Sorry mate. Honestly though what differences does it make what shoes I’m wearing. Those trainers are just one of many different types of trainers that exist. I understand there is a conceived perception of the type of people that wear them but to assume everyone the wears them is like that is prejudice and to not let people in because ion it is discrimination. If you don’t allow them then don’t allow trainers full stop. So we walked away, with our dream of entering Level dead. You know that club that is 1 of hundred of clubs in Liverpool. Oh the bouncer also cursed us out numerous times.

After that though, the rest of the night was decent. Liverpool has such a vast array of clubs, its quite interesting. One venue looked like an abandoned house which made me feel a bit “hip”. As you guys know I’m not really the “going out” type so its hard for me to comment how good Liverpool is. But from my numerous years working in the clubs and events industry I can say it will definitely not disappoint. I mean literally every single place there was a stag or hen do. Also were you guys aware of how many chicken shops are actually in Liverpool. I mean I’m from East London which is chicken shop capital and even I was surprised. I just didn’t expect it from a place like Liverpool. And I swear they just never close. Gonna have to speak to bossman about extending his opening hours.

Moving away from the night life, visiting different cities in the UK often feels like you’re in a new country and Liverpool was no different. There were all these shops that I’ve never heard of and people speaking in a weird accent. I’m all about being cultured but I’m sorry the scouse accent is just jarring after a while. I’m really sorry… still love you Liverpool. A great thing about the city centre though is that they literally have every shop you can think of in walking distance to each other. All the big boys, Primark, H&m, pound land (they love their pound shops). Actually thats another thing. The food there is kinda cheap, the amount of signs I saw for cheap fry-ups was pretty incredible.

I think I’ve spoken for long enough. I hopefully I just gave you a deep glimpse into my Liverpool adventure but I guess this post culminates with 1 question, Would I live in Liverpool? No. No I bloody well wouldn’t. 

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