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Did that get your attention?… Good. I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it just did. You know how on Facebook you get these posts that are from some randomer you don’t even know about how their child is missing, or someone who they know has been attacked or what not. Well yeah normally I just skim past those because I see so many and the stories are all the same.  But this one caught my attention. So I can’t remember the whole story but the basics are that a woman’s son who is ginger was being verbally attacked by some teenagers on some sort of public transport. First of all, to curse out anyone is just not cool and this is only amplified when it’s in public and to a child. Apparently one of the teens said “if my child was ginger I’d kill him”. Now let me stop you right there. If you have this hatred towards gingers, chances are you’re not ginger and you’re not going to fornicate with a ginger so the chances of your child being ginger are pretty slim. ALSO with that attitude who says you’re even going to have kids? So I carry on scrolling down reading the story, the teens apparently called the woman’s son “ugly”. And this is where I really got annoyed. If the woman’s son was actually ugly, it’s still not okay, but alright you say that. BUT the woman’s son was actually a really cute kid. You know you get those kids and you can just tell they’re going to grow up to be good looking. Well yeah, he’s one of those. Nothing ugly about him, that is if this whole story is true and that is actually her son. It’s one thing being called ugly when you’re actually ugly, but being called ugly when you’re not, nah I’m not having it. And the heart breaking thing about all this is the kid had no idea what was going on and why these kids were saying these things. How tragic… Don’t you worry little man your future is probably brighter than these low lives who have nothing better to do than bully a little kid. And all this just makes you wonder how many people are there like this in the world. It’s a well known fact that people can’t help the way they look. If we’re disregarding botox and plastic surgery. Like, if you’re ginger, you’re ginger, if you’re asian, you’re asian. There’s no menu in the mothers womb where you get to customise your appearance settings. We are born and we just have to live with what we are given. So to insult someone about this is unfounded and makes no sense what so ever. I think the majority of us have probably either dished out this kind of abuse or taken it, most likely when we were younger, because we didn’t know any better. But come on if you’re going to insult someone at least make it a bit creative. Dissing someone for their looks not only shows a lack of imagination but is also pretty foolish and shows just how simple-minded you are. The fact that we are all different is what makes the world so amazing. Time to start embracing the differences. We’re all human and we should all be treated like one. With compassion and respect. It’s up to us to teach the younger generations how the world is and how we should treat the people around us. No one is better than anyone. Once upon a time every single one of us was a small embryo growing inside a womb… well most of us. At one point we were all seen as innocent young babies. Hmmmm… maybe we’re not so different after all… P.S For the record I’ve always had a soft spot for ginger girls.

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