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Getting the Girl

So you’ve got your eye on someone special…

Hope you all had a great Easter and are looking forward to your final term of school, college or university.

Moving on, today is just a quick word on “drawing” or “wooing” a girl you like. As I always say I know practically nothing about relationships or how the minds of females work but yeah this is just my take on it.

Let’s start from the beginning. You’re about 13 and you’ve just discovered “sex” not only this but you’ve discovered that it is this act that allowed you to exist. You’ve probably just got past the stage of laughing every time you hear the word and suddenly you’re seeing girls in a completely different way. I’m not going to go into how puberty works because I imagine most of you know the basics. However it is puberty that kind of sets the foundations of your sexual endeavors.

Anywho, you know in the movies when an awkward mostly nerdy kind of guy likes a girl and 9 times out of 10 he ends up getting the girl despite the girl feeling no attraction or affection to him at the beginning of the movie. This whole concept I think is pretty unbelievable if you ask me. Can you really get a girl to like you and if so, how?

If you like someone and you speak to friends or family about them I can almost guarantee that they’ll push you to ask her out having no  prior knowledge of the existing relationship you have with said girl. You could have stolen her crayon when you were in primary school. You could have kicked her cat over a fence or never had any contact with her whatsoever.

Chances are you’re probably to much of a wuss to do anything about it. Besides surely if this girl doesn’t like you can you really make her like you? I think most good relationships develop naturally rather than ones fueled by lust and physical attraction. Remember this ain’t a film. Only because you’re a “good guy” doesn’t mean you’re going to end up with the girl.

Moreover we all know physical attraction plays a huge part in “getting a girl”. If she’s not physically attracted to you, sorry but what can you do? This doesn’t mean your ugly, you might be, but not necessarily. Just simply you’re not her type so no matter how much you like her, sorry it’s unlikely she won’t go for you. You’ll just have to find a nice space in the friend zone.

Speaking of the friend zone if you want to be more than friends that walk into it. I know there are times where you don’t realise you like someone until after your friends with them but for the cases where you have no relationship with them I think you need to make your intentions known pretty early. Girls will automatically put you in the friend zone unless you give them a reason not to. But I guess the most you can do is just be yourself. You want them to like you for you don’t you? Don’t be the person you think they want.

It’s all very complicated and the whole thing is just mind games really. Your each trying to guess what the others thinking and their intentions. Don’t put yourself on the line but also don’t be coy about the situation. You don’t want her to think that you run some undercover drug smuggling operation nor do you want her knowing that you possess undying love for her.

I think I kind of went off topic with this. But even though I spoke about boys getting girls I guess it could happen vice versa but we all know that girls are much more secretive about it than boys right?

… having said all this though after getting to know the girl you could learn she’s a total bitch.

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