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Friendly Fire

Have you ever thought about friends?

No, not the popular American sitcom but those people who you trust and claim “they will always be there for you”.

Let me tell you a true story for why the meaning of the word “friend” has changed for me.

The story is very simple and may be one that seems a bit familiar to you. It starts with me and a girl I called my “best friend”. To tell you the truth I don’t know how we became so close, it was only until she left my school that we became “bezzie pals”. So I spoke to this girl a lot saw her a lot and before you start speculating it was completely platonic and she had a boyfriend anyway. I would tell this girl stuff I wouldn’t tell most people. Everything was cool. 

But then she broke up with her boyfriend and we became even closer like REALLY close maybe even pushing the boundaries of “friends”. But then I went to University and I guess we just started to drift apart as you do, but I still spoke to her.

Then she got a new boyfriend and you can probably guess what happens next. She just stops talking to me. But no, it’s more than that. She blocks me off every social network there is so I have no way of reaching her. So after months of texting her and wondering what’s going on my other good friend informs me of a photo she has posted to instagram of a snapped sim card with the caption “Cutting off certain people from my life” or some utter bullcrap along those lines. So I’m still wondering what it is I have done to this girl to make her completely stop talking to me. People were forever telling me she had a controlling boyfriend which I didn’t want to believe as I didn’t think she’d stop talking to me because her boyfriend said so.

So I tried to forget, which I did for a good amount of time, but I was still wondering what it was that I had done for her to completely shut me out. So then came that fateful day when I finally wanted answers. So I get my cousin, who she hasn’t blocked off Facebook, to message her for me. And she gives me the most dumbest, ignorant, naive and just plain crap excuse I have ever heard. Apparently I started “acting weird” when she got her boyfriend. First of all that’s complete nonsense. And anyway if she felt that was the reason wouldn’t you want to at least sort it out. Doesn’t seem like a reason to completely block one of your best friends from your life. So still to this day I have no answer, well no answer that completely warrants my exile from her existence.

And that’s it… just be careful who you call your friend. There are people out there who wouldn’t think twice about completely dropping you from your life. I’m not saying be suspicious of everyone and expect them to “betray” you but just be a bit cautious.

There are still the odd few people out there that WILL totally stick by you through everything and I’m lucky to have people like that around me. Real friends are people who talk to you just for the sake of it and not just because they want something from you. People who care about your problems and offer comfort and advice not just listen and nod. People who go into relationships but still maintain the same level of friendship they had with you before. If you know me, you probably know who inspired this post. But it will be wrong for me to name her. And if by some miracle said person is reading this all I have to say is Thank You. And I’ll never forget you, but not in the good way.

So how many friends do you actually have. Less than you thought right?

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