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Flap Bird, FLAP!

Flappy Bird, the game that made me question my own existence. Why is this bird flying through pipes? Why are there even pipes? Why does this bird have such big lips? What kind of species of bird is this?

Still with these questions lingering over me I can not stop playing. Something tells me that if this bird got some lipo on his lips then he would actually be able to fly properly. So the game is pretty simple, only giving you one instruction at the beginning. “Tap”. And that’s literally all you need to know. You tap and Flappy Bird goes up a short distance then begins to free fall. You must tap at the right times to navigate your way through a series of pipes that extend from the top and bottom of the screen. Somewhat reminiscent of the popular helicopter game, Flappy Bird takes the same concept but integrates a new dynamic.

If you have not yet downloaded this game I warn you, you WILL get stressed. Not for the faint hearted or easily angered. When you start playing you’ll find yourself only being able to reach 3, but with some practice and failure you begin to understand Flappy Bird’s physics and your score will start to slowly increase. You’ll then laugh at how you were so crap when you started playing.

Something tells me that this game will soon fade out and a new app will claim top spot. But hey, let’s enjoy it while it’s here and lets hope Flappy Bird eventually gets to wherever it is he’s trying to go.

Some Tips:

Don’t hit the pipes

Don’t hit the ground

Go THROUGH the openings

And most importantly, don’t die.

Good Luck… I’m talking to your device not you as your stress may cause some physical damage to whatever device you’re playing the game on.

Good Luck! Now I’m talking to you…

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