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Every Day is a Struggle

Do you ever get to the end of a day and think to yourself... "Wow I have to do that all again tomorrow?"

You're not alone, and even though that might be a symptom of a deeper issue lets not pretend that we ALL don't occasionally think like this. It's okay to struggle sometimes, it's okay to feel as though the world is bringing you down from time to time. It doesn't make you weak or less than... but there are more days ahead. More opportunities to get back on the saddle, more time to do what you want to do.

Something I think most of us aren't good at is giving ourselves credit when deserved. I think it can be particularly useful to get to the end of a day and take note of everything we've achieved. Because those small wins matter. Maybe you finished a particularly important task at work, maybe you finally went to the gym or maybe you managed to keep a straight face when a stranger started a conversation with you.

And this isn't me claiming that we need to reward mediocrity. But there are levels. And depending on where you are in your life those levels will be vastly different. But for everyone, getting to the end of another day on this earth is something to be grateful for and maybe even celebrated. Not everyone has managed to get to this point.

And just as much as I believe that its important to take note of the things that have gone well, it's important to be able to objectively look at things that maybe didn't go our way. And it can be hard, ever looked back at something embarrassing you did and cringed so hard? Exactly. But if we can't look back at those things then you're never going to learn or put the necessary processes in place to mitigate those things.

I am no psychologist or life coach. I am low-key chatting out of my arse and hoping something sticks. How am I doing? The reason why I write this blog post though is that I am not scared to admit that I have been having a lot of those days where I get to the end and I just think "bloody hell, what was that?" And I always deal with it (kind of). Get through it and ready to face another day, but part of you does constantly wonder "How many more of these days will I go through?". "When will it end?" I don't know. You don't know. But the saddest thing of all is that it is guaranteed that more of those days will be coming.

So how do you get through it all? I don't have the answers unfortunately. Obviously there are gurus out there that can give you tools to help with this kind of thing but a hammer doesn't work if you don't use it. So life will get you down, that much is true but the only person that can make you get over it is you. Don't care if you're in a new relationship, married or have the closest family ever. We all have our own issues, and there's only so much we can rely on other people for. Was that harsh? Sorry.

It's okay to struggle. You will struggle, that is a fact. Days will be hard. But you need to help yourself as much as possible. Change your diet, log off social media, talk to that person you've been avoiding. Because as hard as life gets you down, it might be just as hard to get yourself back up!

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