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Conan takes Tom Cruise on a ride around London and it’s not what you’d expect.

Celebrities in a car doesn’t always lead to karaoke Conan O’Brien recently aired an interview (well kind of) with movie mega star Tom Cruise. However it is an interview like no other. Conan hilariously takes the ever tired formula of celebs in a car and subverts it into what becomes a non-interview with the Top Gun star. Late Night talk shows are not as much of a thing in the UK as they are in the US. I mean all we have is Johnathan and Graham and I don’t particularly like either of them. So I get my general fix from the Americans on YouTube and Conan O’Brien is undoubtebly my favourite and this skit just proves why. The segment is very self aware in the popular formats they are satirising, namely Carpool Karaoke and Comedians in Cars. Much to be expected from a former The Simpsons writer. So take that and one of the biggest stars on the planet and you have a hit on your hands. Conan has been eager to get Tom Cruise on his show so it was a ballsy move to get him and literally just drive him round for reportedly 4 hours with the highlight being Conan offering Cruise a bucket to pee in. Conan’s comedic timing, Cruises clout and the busy streets of London make this a hilarious joy ride. Not to mention it gives you a very rare sight of Cruise not performing his own stunt. This just exemplifies why Conan is often regarded as one of the best Late Night talk show hosts in the US. He may not have as many internet hits as Corden, Kimmel or Fallon but when he hits, he hits hard. His numerous remotes, most notably his exploits with Ice Cube and Kevin Hart have been some of the most talked about videos on the internet with good reason. No one can match his comedic prowess and I urge you all to check out his “bits”. Clueless Gamer and his adventures around the office are my personal favourites.

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