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Thought this would be a good way of advertising this and I think is a great opportunity for me and you budding directors and producers! Basically I have a short script and after being in contact with a few production companies in the hopes of getting it produced my script I think is too edgy for them and they are a bit concerned about producing it.

This had never crossed my mind but I’m now going to take matters into my own hands and ask any independent directors or producers who might want to take on the script.

The main goal is hopefully to enter it into competitions and festivals so I need someone as passionate about film as I am and will do a great job with it. I’ve dabbled in direction but don’t think I have the knowledge or experience to pull this off.

This will be a great chance to network with other film makers and in the hope of a future partnership. The script is 6 minutes and does touch on a sensitive subject just to be warned. My Newcastle homies all know it. There are no special effects or anything that can’t be done with solely just a camera.

If you’re interested contact me via one of the ways stated below and we’ll go from there! And if you’re not interested maybe you know someone that is!



Twitter: bferrol

Thanks guys!

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