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A Moving Picture

Say cheese… You know when you see a photo of someone, especially when it’s someone you don’t know, you just look at what’s there. Maybe they’re smiling, maybe they’re not, perhaps they’re nicely dressed or maybe its a selfie first thing in the morning. Photos represent what we look like at one minuscule moment in time. We will never look like that again nor will we ever be able to recreate that moment. But there’s a lot more to it. Every snapshot has a story and sometimes we forget that the people in these photos are like real human beings. Each one with their own back story and own journey. They have a a life, and this photo you’re looking at is just a very small part of it. We can hardly assume it represents who they are as person. Because honestly what can we really tell about someone just from a photo? We’re just seeing how they look at a very specific moment in time. And right through out our lives we look “different”. I look different than i did 10 years ago and probably different than how I looked yesterday. Looks don’t really tell us much at all. I feel like all my blog posts come back to this idea of what’s on the inside, but it’s honestly true. I mean this is why racism exists right, because we’re judging people by how they look, not for who they are as people and who they are just means so much more. The relationships we build, most of them are platonic and platonic relationships have absolutely nothing to do with the physical. And we all know this, but yet we judge that person because they’re wearing their skirt a little “too short”. It means nothing. We don’t put on clothes thinking about what other people are going to think about it. Did that make sense? I mean some people might, but we dress how we do because we think it looks good, or we are comfortable with it. With selfie culture becoming such a phenomenon these days, exemplified by social media this idea is only too apparent. Like why do we even use filters. That filter with the yellow flower crown thing was obviously made to make people look better than they actually are. I mean if you go through tinder that is the filter most people are using. But I digress, I mean the photo already didn’t tell us much about you so the fact that you’ve put a filter on tells us less. I do get it, some of these filters are just fun, and its cool the way they detect your massive head but lets just not be blinded by it. The world is constantly moving, constantly changing and photos just don’t do a very good job at capturing that. They’re good at saving moments when we’re happy, sad or exhausted but only cos I’m happy then, that doesn’t make me a happy person. I have been through a ridiculous journey to get me to that point and a photo won’t tell you that. I think this post made it sound like I hate photos more than I actually do. I mean they’re fine… but not many photos of me actually exist.

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