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A message to my ex…

I know what you’re thinking. This has been a long time coming. I’m sorry, I’ve been busy. And instead of writing a post explaining my absence and apologising why I’ve been away I thought I’d just skip all that and just get back into it as if nothing even happened. So I guess this paragraph is the only explanation you’re getting. I’m sorry.

I recently came across one of those obnoxious YouTube videos where an insufferable host will ask members of the public a question or give them some sort of prompt to elicit a reaction or just straight up prank them. This one was “Message to Your Ex”. If I was to suggest some entertainment I wouldn’t point you in the direction of this video… which is why I’m not going to link it. But to fully understand this blog post, I guess you should watch it.

The first thing wrong with the video is the cohort of people speaking about their exes. First of all, how do the majority of you even have exes? (at 1 point he speaks to some kid who is like no older than 10). Secondly, talking smack about your ex on YouTube isn’t cool. Even though your snotty nosed friends might give you props for dissing someone who probably dumped you because they realised you were a tool, it doesn’t make it a particularly good thing to do. I mean what would your mum say if she saw you spouting all this nonsense on the internet?

And please if you’re going to talk this utter trash at least speak in a language we all understand. Am I just out of the loop now because I’m no longer a teenager. But what the hell is “slots”? Well I guess I know now because the guy made it pretty obvious. And it seems that mumbling your way through sentences is the norm amongst youths.

But there actually is a bigger issue here with the way we speak about people we were in a relationship with. I don’t get how you can speak so ill about someone that you probably loved. Granted some relationships don’t end well. Maybe you got cheated on, maybe they just weren’t the person you thought they were but at one point in your life you thought they were the one. You like them enough to be in a relationship with them and you probably had some really good times. Does all this really come undone so quickly? Our memories are precious and although some people may turn on us those good times can’t just be completely disregarded.

It’s like when people delete every trace of their ex on social media. Like I really do get it but its also like trying to erase part of your life. Like you can get rid of all the physical traces but it will always be there. The person you are today is probably down to you being in that relationship so maybe we shouldn’t be so quick to “delete” it. One of our basic human needs is to be loved and anyone who fulfil this needs for us is special. It may not end well and sure slag them off if you want, but doing it on the internet I feel like is a different ball game. These “message to your ex” videos I understand that majority of people are exaggerating and probably don’t believe half the things they’re saying but then it begs the question why do it in the first place? What are you trying to achieve exactly?

People do some crappy things, that’s just life. Some of the things really do hurt and we have the right to deal with this in whatever way works for us. But whatever way you choose, make it productive yeah? No one wants to hear about how your ex was dead at “uckerz”.

Screw it… here’s the bloody video.

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