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A look back on today…

Some people say the future is scary… but the past is just as bad. So I am pretty sure you are all aware of the Facebook function that allows you to see what cringey shenanigans you were up to years in the past to the exact day. Timehop seemed to be doing well and in typical Facebook fashion that wanted a peace of that pie and adapted the concept. What is most frightening about seeing the crap you posted years ago is realising how far we have all come… even from posts that were only a couple of years ago. Times change, the world changes, our environment changes and subsequently so do we. For me personally, I posted some very questionable things in my youth which at the time I would’ve thought nothing of it but looking back I just can’t believe the amount of nonsense I use to spout. From all this time checking what I have posted in the past. Nothing from over 5 years ago makes any sense or has any meaning. And it’s just crazy because we don’t change drastically from day to day but a gradual shift in our perceptions and behaviours have taken us from where were back in 2009 to where we are now. And of course without these experiences and being this person we wouldn’t be who we are today. What’s also significant about our past social media activity are the people we used to interact with. There have been numerous occasions where I have seen that I was cracking bants with someone who I have no recollection of even having a relationship with. Now its no secret that Facebook of old used to be people would comment on everyone’s status whether they knew them well or not but it’s particularly interesting to see my interactions with these people. What makes it notable is the fact that comments and posts can be seen by your entire friends list which may alter the way you interact. (I am rewriting the rest of thi spost because my internet effed up and didn’t save it). Let me see if I can remember what the last paragraph was about. Ermmmm… crap. This is not the time to have an awful memory. Oh yes. I remember. Time seems to work in phases. And these phases are governed by whatever is happening in our life at the time. It could be your time at university or your time at a certain job. And while we are in these phases we aren’t really thinking about the future and what we will say when we look back on it. We just simply want to live life. And although we may say to ourselves we’re going to make the most of it do we ever really. I mean can we ever live life to the full or try our absolute hardest. No matter how hard we try we can always give that little bit more. It’s a reality we can’t escape and its particularly sad when you look back on certain times of your life and wishing you did things a little bit differently. And honestly I don’t think theres anything particularly wrong with this. This will then inform our future decisions. Now I don’t really know what the overarching message of this post is but I guess just don’t take time for granted. Everything comes to an end and then it’s just a memory.

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