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77 Life Struggles

… Because life is hard right? Here is a list of 77 struggles we face in life. Some we can deal with some, we just can’t. So here we go…

1.    Internet Explorer 2. Getting up 3. Going to sleep 4. Actually sleeping 5. Boys 6. Girls 7. Boys and Girls 8. Relationships 9. Being single 10. Work, whether its school work, uni work or work work. 11. Predictive text that still changes the damn word after you’ve changed it. 12. Changing empty toilet roll… I just can’t be bothered. 13. Children, whether they’re yours or not. 14. Big headed children. 15. Staring babies… suck your mum. 16. Listening to that one song on repeat. 17. Being unlucky in love 18. Internet Explorer 19. Making meals that take longer to cook than eat. 20. Dirty dishes. 21. Crap advice (i.e. “just breathe” “you’ll be fine” “just give it time”). 22. Clichés 23. Lies 24. The truth 25. Extrovertly extroverts 26. Cheese – The food AND the “talk” 27. Sainsbury’s 28. Miley Cyrus 29. Ice JJ Fish 30. The Kardashians 31. Internet Explorer 32. Battery Low… 33. Rich people 34. Broke people 35. Broken zips 36. Hot people who know they’re hot. 37. Ugly people who think they’re hot 38. People who don’t know the difference between fact and opinion 39. Undercover racists/homophobes/sexists etc. 40. Anything chocolate that’s not chocolate 41. Not being able to rip off the entire wrapper of a drumstick lollipop 42. Sun 43. Snow 44. And everything in between 45. Being dark 46. Being pale 47. Internet Explorer 48. Drunks 49. Annoying Drunks 50. Aggressive Drunks 51. Drunk Drunks 52. Sweat 53. Hot breath 54. Hair… just hair. 55. Independence 56. Dependence 57. Halloween… FRIKKIN HALLOWEEN 58. Valentine’s Day (Pretend to love me more than you actually do) 59. Conversation – A struggle for most people it would seem 60. The lottery 61. Attainment of that gym body 62. TOWIE 63. Internet Explorer 64. Skyrim 65. Feet 66. Arsenal FC – Always struggling for that 4thplace 67. Arsenal Fans – Struggle to realise their team’s struggle 68. The struggle itself is a struggle 69. Love (Whatever that is) 70. Religion 71. The Illuminati 72. The Media 73. The Government 74. Society 75. Democracy 76. Death… 77. LIFE

So everything in life is a struggle really… But remember they don’t have to be. All these things can make you thrive except for Internet Explorer because it’s just awful.

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