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34 Things Me and You Hate…

Do you ever get into one of those moods where everything just annoys you… that’s me right now hence the post. Things we ALL hate. 1. When you waste your hard earned time holding a door open for someone and they don’t even say 2 simple words. 2. When you ask someone how they are and they give you their life story. “Fine” will do. Whether you’re fine or not. 3. When you’re banging FIFA and bae keeps calling you then you remember you don’t have a bae and its a fat guy calling about PPI 4. When you want to Netflix and chill and you ACTUALLY Netflix and chill… 5. When you purposefully wait a while to message people back because you don;t want to seem like an eager beaver. 6. When bae is a solid 8/10 at 10pm then an embarrassing 2/10 at 3am. 7. When people dress up as cats for Halloween 8. Cats in general. 9. When it says 49p on the can but Bossman tries charging you 70p. 10. When you don’t hear someone so have to think of a generic response hoping its a suitable reply. 11. When you’re making your mind up as to whether its worth running for the bus and by the time you decide to attempt to catch it the driver is out the window waving bye at you. 12. When someone inferior to you, and knows this fact, tries to educate you about life. 13. When websites try and dictate your life and tell you to turn off your adblock software 14. When Internet Explorer still thinks it’s your default browser. 15. When that spice doesn’t acknowledge how sexy you’re looking. 16. When people drink milk straight from the carton. 17. When Netflix has the audacity to ask you if you’re still watching… “shut up and do your job.” 18. When a sideman suddenly thinks he’s someone and you have to kick him back to the edge. 19. When someone doesn’t notice the incredibly witty shade you’re throwing at them. 20. When your ticket doesn’t win the lottery. 21. When you look back on life and realise your life’s almost over. 22. When people try to treat you like an adult as if you don’t still live with your parents. 23. When you fill out an online form and have to scroll back bares to find your date of birth. 24. When you’re too busy trying to make eye contact with someone that you don’t even listen to what they’re saying. 25. When you see how much CBBC and Disney Channel have gone downhill. 26. When someone doesn’t realise how lucky they are to be in your presence. 27. When bae keeps calling you “friend”. 28. When you clap and your lights don’t turn off. 29. When you’re Harvard referencing and you don’t even go to Harvard. 30. When you run out of deodorant and use aftershave as an alternative and your armpits feel like they’re falling off. 31. When alcohol makes you drunk. 32. When the cheeky self service machine gives you foreign currency. b) When that same cheeky self service machine snakes you and lets everyone know that you have an unexpected item in the bagging area. 33. When the Pokemon champion acts like you haven’t beaten him 5 times already. 34. When your bank statement lies about the amount of money in your bank account.

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