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30 things about me

So I was thinking… I’m chatting all this crap to you, but you probably hardly know me. So i’m going to answer some pretty generic questions you may have about me. Hopefully you’ll be more inclined to listen to the rubbish I speak. Because it is rubbish. I’ll try and be as truthful as possible I swear. 1. What’s your full name? Byran Kallum Ferrol 2. Where are you from? London. East London to be exact. Or Essex, but I like to think it’s London. 3. Favourite food? Lasagne, made by the right person. 4. Favourite film? Dark Knight but Pan’s Labyrinth and Buried deserve a mention. 5. Favourite TV Show As you all know, Doctor Who and The Simpsons. 6. Favourite Artist Michael Jackson by far. 7. Favourite Artist, that’s still alive? B.o.B or Eminem or Justin Timberlake. 8. Last place you went abroad? My second home America. 9. Where would you like to go? Dubai. 10. Favourite word? What kind of question is that? I don’t know.Juxtapose is a pretty cool word. 11. Catch phrase? I think others could answer this better than I could. 12. Favourite hobby? Football… watching and playing! But mostly playing! 13. What team do you support? Tottenham!!!!! 14. Pet peeve? People wearing something that I own and not wearing it as good as I do. Or people’s breath all up in my face. And just being able to smell people. 15. The dream? Showrunner of a successful TV series. 16. Biggest regret? Tricky one, probably having the opportunity to be friends with people but not pursuing it. There are many people out there who’d love to be friends with. 17. Best memory? I have so many, every school trip I ever went on, BFI screenwriting academy in Newcastle and… America of course. 18. Best friend? You mad, I’m not answering that? 19. Celebrity crush? Actually used to be Sandra Bullock, but now… okay theres a few. Kat Dennings, Natalie Portman, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johannson. 20. Most hated celebrity? Don’t really hate anyone, but people I dislike, Miley Cyrus has to be one. Closely followed by Bieber. 21. Something weird about you? I don’t drink or swear. I know I’m a good boy! 22. Favourite colour? Turquoise. 23. Most Interesting thing about you? Hate this question, there’s nothing interesting about me. 24. Do you believe in love? Well this just got deep. I believe in the feeling, not the definition. 25. Guilty pleasure? Disney films… and not like Disney pixar films like full on cheesy Disney films that they show on Disney Channel. 26. The part of your body you hate the most? My feet. 27. Scrunch or fold? Who has time to fold. Tear that shizz off and wipe that crap away before it starts to fester. 28. What makes you smile? The politeness of strangers. As cheesy as it might seem. 29. The word used most to describe you? I’m often called, weird. But then again so are a lot of people. 30. And finally… the meaning of life? I think people should stop trying to figure that out and just live life. You practically know my life story now. Anything else you want to know, just ask. I’m practically an open book.

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