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Someone help me understand TikTok

Maybe I'm missing something here.

I try not to judge people, I really do, but whenever someone tells me they love TikTok I just have to give the biggest eye roll imaginable. To the point now where it's just a reflex. And if I am going to judge anyone for doing anything, it will be this. I do understand people have their interests, their likes and dislikes but when I come across a TikTok of someone random person dancing like a plank of wood and they have millions of views I really do have to question where we are as a society.

I tell people I don't have the app, which is lowkey a lie, I do have the app but only because people share these pieces of trash with me and I am always prompted to download the app when I click the link. But people love to tell me, "well if you used it, you'd be addicted." I have scrolled... and I am yet to be addicted. Maybe I am just getting old... but I just don't get it.

Don't get me wrong, I have seen a few TikToks which I have chuckled at. And you may be wondering "why I have such strong opinions for someone who doesn't use the app." Well I'll tell you why. It's because even though I am not on the app it FEELS LIKE I AM. Instagram and Twitter are inundated with both funny and (more so) unfunny TikToks to the point where I feel like I don't even need to be on the app. But it's okay, I remember I hated Snapchat when it first became a thing... actually, I still hate Snapchat.

Anywhoooooo... there's only one thing I really need to know about TikTok to help me sleep at night. But where do these "TikTok" dances come from? How is something a "TikTok" dance? Where does it originate from? And how does it make the rank of a "TikTok" dance? And are you actually telling me, people spend time learning these dances with their grandma to then post them for all 2 of their followers? Is that how it works? Where do you even find the time to learn these dances? Or is there some function in TikTok where you can download the dance straight into your brain. Actually it can't be that because I don't even know these dances and I know most of you are getting them COMPLETELY WRONG. And also... I swear the more these "dances" get shared the more diluted they become. SO you might think you're doing a "TikTok" dance but in fact you're doing some watered down version of what it's supposed to be. And I've watched enough of them to realise A LOT of them need some seasoning. You know you can bend your legs when you dance right?

To give TikTok some credit though.... its format can push people to be creative with their content... so I have no idea why I once found myself watching some woman boil chicken. Honestly this generation low key scares me. You're all going into territory that I don't want to follow but I feel as though my resistance will eventually be in vain and I will have to succumb to the TikTok Gods. But even when that does happen, I can never forgive TikTok for normalising cringe. If you asked your friend 10 years ago to get on camera and do a dance with you, firstly you'd have to find a decent camera and secondly your friend would probably think you were CRAZY. And do not get me started on filters. I don't want to see your face as a loaf of bread.

Do I sound old, grumpy and bitter yet? Honestly... TikTok trends are the real pandemic and if we don't start taking it seriously then we're all doomed.

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