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The Right Frame of Mind

Frames are hard to break…

So my new years resolution was to get my sh*t together and basically have a better outlook on life and like most new years resolutions have I kept to it?… HAVE I ‘ECK.

To be fair the year started off pretty well I felt I was in a good place mentally, professionally not quite physically (although this is something I want to work on) but all in all I guess I was pretty happy and just generally in a good mood about life. Now for anyone that knows me I’m rarely ever in a good mood, I mean I’m a pretty chill guy but I’m just never in a good mood. I just feel like people don’t want to see other people happy especially if they’re not happy themselves. But 2016 was different I was feeling good about life and the potential opportunities the year had to offer. However it’s now 19th January 2016 and my good mood has just run out. I think it was on a meter and I’ve just forgotten to put more money in OR the meter itself has just been stolen.

Not to make this a depressing post, as that’s where it seems like its going, but it’s easier to go from a good frame of mind to a bad one than it is to go from a bad frame of mind to a good one. Think of it like a mountain. Its much easier to go from the top to the bottom than it is to go from the bottom to the top, because you know… gravity. Our frames of mind are the same so it’s vital that we try and stay in not only the right frame of mind but a good one to stop ourselves falling from grace. But it’s all well and good saying this, the real question is how do you do it.

I think a big part of it is just surrounding yourself with the right people which has been a big problem for me recently. I mean the people around constantly change, thoughts and opinions of them change and nothing is constant which gives you even more problems. There are people out there who will naturally support you but others who just screw you over which could be intentional or unintentional. I think this is actually a theme of most of my blog posts, the importance of friends. There are numerous people out there that can just lift me with one single sentence and these are the people we need in our lives. But also its important that we be this person for someone else. If you see someone is in need of support why not just give it to them. And support doesn’t have to be a financial thing or donating a kidney it can be as simple as “well done” or “congratulations” or a simple compliment. I know for me personally this gives me an extra emotional boost which does wonders for my mental state.

i think I’m moving into a stage of my life where a lot of what I do is becoming public. Whether it be blog posts, vlogs, films or scripts. These are all creative properties of mine and just knowing someone enjoys or appreciates what I have created is great! And I can’t thank the people enough who fall into this category. But along with this you get people who are just downers and for no particular reason are just there to spout their negativity. I don’t understand why people waste their energy being negative towards other people who are just trying to do something with their lives. A lot of people call me a hater or say that I’m negative but what I’ve realised as although I do hate on a lot of things its never public. If someone asks me a question then I’ll answer it truthfully. I’ll never go out of my way to put someone down or sabotage something of theirs. Especially if its something creative because that’s when people need all the positivity they can get.

I am a firm believer that people need to off load all their negative energy but do that privately. Write it down, tell a friend or speak into a mirror. Don’t go out of your way to directly express your negativity at someone because ultimately it helps no one. It’s a waste of your time and can potentially have a negative impact on the person who it’s targeted at.

Hopefully all that made sense. The moral of the story is be positive and support others. Don’t waste precious time and energy being a complete ass.

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