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Stranger on the Train

The next station is… Do you ever look at someone when you’re on the train and just try and guess their story. Why are they on this train right now? Where have they been, where are they going? It’s crazy thinking about it. Every one you see is on their own personal journey… just like you. Where have you come from? Where exactly are you going? You don’t know? Neither do I? But you’ll figure it out. I mean you can plan all you like but no one knows what the future holds and its impossible to be prepared for every possibility. So roll with the punches, take life as it comes and one day it will be kind. A lot of people are frightened about their future which is understandable. My future terrifies me but I’m excited to see where I end up. As per my previous posts I don’t know what I’m doing with my life. Sitting at home while the rest of your family is out working is a depressing experience. But that’s all coming for me. Wake up, work, eat, sleep and repeat. Needless to say its not a glamorous lifestyle but a necessary one if you want any chance of surviving in this world. Remember everyday you’re writing a new page in your book. In years to come when someone reads your story, give them something exciting to experience. Time isn’t on our side and I know a lot of people say to make the most out of your life but you really really do. I wish I took that advice years ago. I mean I’ve done stuff, but there are also things I look back on and think what if? You’re never going to stop having those thoughts but lets try and limit it at least. So you’re sitting on a train, where are you going, where have you been? The woman sitting across from you, where has she been what is her destination? That group of kids, what’s their story? Well you’ll never know unless you ask, and I’m not saying you should ask every single person where they’re going, but the point is the fact that you don’t know is the beauty of it. There are endless possibilities for why they are riding that train at that moment in time, and it’s not our job to guess what those possibilities are but embrace the fact that you’ve crossed paths with this person that is 1 in 7 billion. What’s your story going to be tomorrow? You don’t know… well, just make it good.

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