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Name Changing

So as you all know the name of this blog is Stuff of Legend. Many of you are probably wondering why, and what it means and let me tell you.

First of all this ain’t English Literature, you don’t have to read too far into it and find things I didn’t even intend on putting there. The short answer to all your questions is nothing! The title means nothing I literally called it that because it sounded good at the time. Anticlimax huh?

I think it’s a quote from Doctor Who actually. I know this obsession is out of control. But this just proves that not everything means something. There’s no subterranean message or underlying meaning. So that’s for you guys who were wondering.

However I have grown quite tired of it and I’m a bit embarrassed when someone does ask me what it means so I think it’s time to change my blog to a name that does have some depth. If you want to suggest names that’s totally fine but it will be changed within a couple of days so watch this space. Haha who am I kidding most of you probably don’t even care! But if you do, then yeah watch out!

I’ll leave the stuff of legend to the real legends. Michael Jackson, Muhammed Ali and Jesus Christ.

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