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How to Not Get into Arguments

You hot heads always running your mouth…

Well of course arguments are unavoidable. They spring up on us even at the most unlikely of times. We argue with people we love and people we hate which means your next argument is just round the corner… or is it? No it is… but still we can try and not expel energy on such a pointless act. Arguments normally start from a disagreement between two people… or more. But they normally escalate because these people don’t know when to shut up or because they just care about whatever it is they’re arguing about. And that’s what it comes down to really. Why any of us argue is because we care. Which is fine, but why does caring about something have to lead to this. Wait where am I going with this again? Okay so first of all, the reason why I stay so cool most of the time is because firstly I stay out of opinionated people’s way and also because I actually don’t care about very much. There are not many things in this world that I would have an argument with someone about. Because honestly I just don’t care. But I know, not everyone is a robot like me and a bit of a recluse. So how do you just stay out of it. Well i’ve lived by this rule for most of my life and I just never realised until now. So I am someone who tries and accepts people for who they are. Even though I might not necessarily like it, and trust me most of the time I don’t, just being able to accept that this person is the way they are will just help you keep a cool head about a lot of things. Because you’re never going to change this person, and why should you? They are who they are just accept it. Accept that this person has acted in this way or said this thing because that is who they are. No point getting angry about it or frustrated. And of course there are times when you do have to say something or make your feelings known but coming from a non-confrontational perspective will help in the way you deal with the situation. No accusations or judgements, we’re all humans and we’re all different. Just face it. And hopefully you’ll find yourself becoming a lot more tolerant of people’s BS. The way I like to look at it is that I’d want people to just accept me for who I am. I am sure I piss people off with the way I am and people have said this to me but its when they realise that that is just the way I am, they can accept it and just move on. It also explains a lot of our actions and the things we say. And yes I know it’s hard and takes time to realise people for who they really are, which is fine. Just take everything as it comes. No one is out to ruin your life… actually MOST people are not out to ruin your life. Take nothing to heart, be happy and be you. Oh, but this is no excuse to act like a complete and utter tool.

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