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Hold on, We’re Going Home

So I recently got home from university and even though it feels good, home doesn’t feel like home any more…

As sad as it may sound my house just feels like a house now maybe because I haven’t been at home for longer than month in over a year now.

This got me thinking… I’m getting old. Times going so fast and soon this will no longer be my home. In around 5 years time I’ll either be in a nice bachelor pad or a scummy bedsit.

When I was younger I used to think 19 was so old. And now that I’m 19 although I don’t feel as old as I used to perceive the age I still feel semi-old if that makes sense. When I see teenagers that are still at school, I kind of envy them. Life is literally handed to them on a plate and they are at that age where they can still have fun. But everything changes when you leave 6th Form/College and either go to University or enter the world of work. It is a big jump to make as for me when I was in year 13 i still felt like a kid but as soon as I left I am now being treated like an adult. Although the responsibility and independence is good to a certain extent a part of me still misses my younger days.

I will soon be 20 years old. That’s 2 decades on this earth. Do you know how long that is. 20 is still consider young but in a different world when you look at say, The Lion King which is also 20 years old you’d consider that old right? But still I’m starting to realise that it’s time to grow up and I knew what the deal was ages ago. We’re born we live and we die. But the most important thing is how we live our lives.

If I could give my younger self a message I definitely tell him to do more with his life and focus on school. You probably hear something like that all the time but it’s true. Even though grades and academic excellence isn’t maybe as important as it used to be it does certainly help.

Just do what you’re good at and don’t let life pass you by. Before you know it you won’t be a teenager any more. Try not to get too engrossed in the trivial things like relationships. You certainly don’t need t be worrying about that in your early teens. Focus on what it is that’s going to get you safely and successfully through life. Even though you might think that a boyfriend or girlfriend is the answer to this, if you’re broke and stupid how great is your relationship going to be?

Existing isn’t the same as living.

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