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Happy Mothers Day: A Message for all the Mothers

Well it’s Mother’s Day, a day where we really get to show our mummies how much we appreciate them because we do a appreciate them right?

Mothers are incredible people. They hold you in their bellies for 9 months, lose their figure, going through maybe hours of pain to bring you into this world and give up a hell of a lot to care for you and love you in your early years on this Earth.

I think we’ve all had our ups and downs with our mums but at the end of the day I don’t think any of us forget how much they’ve done for us and we wouldn’t know what to do without them. So this for all you groovy mums out there! Hope your offspring are spoiling you because no matter what situation you’re in, this is YOUR day and you deserve it.

But let’s not forget the people who don’t have mothers on Mother’s Day. I can’t begin to imagine what that feels like but this day is when you get to truly remember them for everything they were and I’m sure they’re watching down on you, proud.

Just want to say Happy Mother’s Day to my mum in particular. She’s super cool and has always been there for me, more recently financial wise but best believe I’ll pay you back! Haha, happy Mother’s Day, sorry I can’t be at home but I’ll be thinking of you!

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