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Cats are not scary

I don’t know what world you’re living in mate, but where I come from cats are pussies.

Now I’m not one to judge. I don’t care for Halloween so therefore don’t really care what you dress up as but why is there now a tradition that dressing up as cats is an acceptable Halloween costume? Halloween is another American custom that we’ve seem to have picked up over here but the fundamentals of the day are pretty straight forward. SCARY. The Halloween films were about a bunch of kittens getting adopted.  As you get older you begin to learn that Halloween is just another excuse to go out with your mates and just party and obviously you can’t go to a party without looking… “nice”. People seem to think they can’t look nice as an undead zombie or a werewolf so they dress up in next to nothing and go as bunnies and cats. This seems heavily targeted at women… I’m sorry but this kind of is the situation. I mean boys dress up as some pretty lame stuff as well but my main gripe is with the pussy. And also I think a lot of it is just a lack of effort. You’re not remotely trying to look scary. You know what halloween is about but you’re actively going against it. You’re not even a vampire cat… you’re just a cat. With the whiskers and everything. Honestly you might as well not dress up at all then at least that makes more of a statement then lamely attempting to be part of the festivities. This Halloween though I must say I haven’t seen as many cats. I think this is because we’ve had so much inspiration in the past year there’s just no excuse for it now. Now some of you are probably thinking “who am I to talk? I haven’t dressed up for halloween for the past 15 years.” If you’re thinking this, how the hell do you know I haven’t dressed up for 15 years but more importantly my views about Halloween are pretty solid. I know where I stand, allowing me to judge. Haha, no I’m joking. But it is my blog so… I can’t say I will ever be a fan of Halloween… and I don’t know how to finish that sentence. HOWEVER I do like seeing the effort some people go to. It gives a chance for us to be imaginative and creative. Don’t squander that by deciding to paint on some whiskers and go as a feline.

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