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21 things you wasted your time on in 2016

It’s December… and where has the time gone?

So December is here and the year is almost coming to an end. And I bet you’re wondering where the heck 2016 has gone. I doubt you’re the only one. Don’t worry, I’m here to shed some light on the situation and make you understand the wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff. 1. January 2016 – You probably spent the first month of the year trying to live up to the new years resolution you set yourself. However by the end of the month you probably realised it was impossible, unlikely or just not gonna happen. 2. Damn, Daniel – You substituted half of your vocabulary with a mild profanity and one of the most basic names on Earth. You also developed an obsession with a certain white footwear and couldn’t help referencing the meme when such attire entered your presence. 3. Doctor Where? – You cried a little when it hit you that you wouldn’t get your yearly fix of the longest running sci-fi show Doctor Who. You then wasted a lot of your time Netflix surfing to find an adequate alternative. 4. I’m Negan – You spent a good majority of your time slating the Walking Dead for your playing with your emotions more than any girl could. 5. Relationships – Half of you probably spent your time getting into or out of a relationship because 2016 was supposed to be “you year”. Oh well, there’s always 2017. 6. Mid-life Crisis – You probably came to the realisation that life is pointless and death is inevitable and began to question your whole existence. 7. Harambe – You spent the good part of 2016 crying for, arguing over and meme-ing a dead Gorilla. 8. Queen Cersei – You were left wanting more by the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones and are still anticipating Season 7. You also thought this would be the most outrageous political event to happen in 2016. 9. Leicester City – You probably had a melt down over the under dogs winning one of the biggest leagues in the world and questioning whether they’d be able to do it again. The answer is: probably not. 10. Euro 2016 – You fell into the trap of believing this was England’s year to achieve something only to be inevitably and unsurprisingly disappointed. I mean was losing to Iceland as big of a surprise as everyone’s making out? 11. Brexit – You definitely spent a good percentage of your time believing Britain would never leave the EU only to wake up to the sterling drowning, Cameron quitting and Farage doing a runner. Your attention has probably diverted to taking down the monarchy. 12. Olympics 2016 – A lot of your time was probably spent pretending to care about Team GB’s success in the biggest athletic competition on Earth but you don’t even know half of the events that happen at the games. 13. Exam results – You perhaps questioned where your life was going and what the point of your existence was when you realised you probably would have done better in your exams if you didn’t even turn up to take them. 14. Flip Bottle – You found a new use for your drinking utensil and spent hours trying to achieve… gravity. 15. Instagram – You laughed at Instagram’s attempt to try and become Snapchat. 16. iPhone 7 – You began to question Apple’s business model when someone forgot to add an earphone Jack to their latest phone incarnation. Then you realised it was probably intentional and all for the $$$. 17. Suck My Nuts – You spent at least a week mourning the death of Abraham and are probably still mourning the brutal death of everyman Glenn. 18. President Trump – You went into a mild depression when you realised one of the most powerful countries in the world is going to be helmed by a racist and xenophobe. You went into a further depression when you realised that the citizens of the US voted for him. 19. Mannequin Challenge – You found out that people are much more entertaining when they’re not moving. But you didn’t realise that it is a simplified version of a concept The Matrix started in the late 90s called “Bullet Time”. 20. Vine – You mourned the death of an ultimately mediocre social media platform. 21. Cars 3 – You had to re-evaluate the most slated Pixar franchise when you witnessed a Christopher Nolan esque teaser trailer. What else did you waste your time on in 2016?

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